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How to add a location in Instagram stories

Add location in Instagram stories

Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the world, which has become a tool for digital marketing, where entrepreneurs and brands are made known through their images and videos. It is such an influential tool that, if you know how to use it, it can position you and make you known to the world, thus increasing your sales profits. 

Now Instagram has looked for ways to add geolocation, which is very useful for those who have businesses or stores, now you can place the name of your company.

Mainly you must consider the objective to use this application, if it is to publicize your store or company your visualization should be clear, in addition to having something to offer at the time of publication of your address. If you are just embarking and you are not ready, wait. Since you do not know who is interested and closer than you imagine. 

Prepare yourself so that you can receive them in an optimal way and that you offer an excellent impression. Now if your goals are not marketing, you can add your publication to your photos in the place where you take them, follow these simple steps so they know where you are:

Geolocation for companies or stores

For your address to be seen on Instagram, we must log in to Facebook first. Once you’re on your Facebook profile, update your status in “I’m Here,” you can type in the name of your company or brand, and click “add to location.”

  • Now you must configure your location, you will find on the screen to select the type of service you offer, then select its typology and finally specify the definition of it.
  • The last part, it’s more personal, it’s information about your company, store or brand. Either the image of the brand or the image to the address of the store. You can check if you have placed the address correctly in “Check-in”. Now you are ready to add the location on your Instagram.

Enter your Instagram and verify that you are logged in with Facebook, choose the photo, text or video and then you upload it, select “add location” and select the name of your company or brand. It may not appear immediately, you must wait for it to appear on the list, although Instagram has not said anything about why it takes so long.

Geo location for users whose goal is not marketing

To travel this is ideal, the photos are part of the task, be in a new place and save the memory, to upload it to your social networks is common and everyday.

Choose the photo you are going to publish, in a normal way, but first click on “Add publication”, a list with several locations will appear, if it does not appear where you are, you can add it manually. 

In addition, we can do the same with stories, with the following steps: add to your story, then choose the photos and video, click on the “sticker” icon and add the location.

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