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3 Advantages of Using Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

Self-Hosted Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share information about products, services, and opportunities. There are so many platforms to choose from with a few highly recommended by users.

Since there is an excellent level of potential of what a blog platform can do for your ideas, it is crucial to understand the advantages of self-hosted platforms. As you learn more, you’ll know which options to consider for your needs.

If you’re new to the concept of using a self-hosted platform for blogging, start by getting to know advantages users enjoy to make the most of their blogging experience. Here are the top three advantages of using self-hosted blogging platforms.

Advantages of Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

1. Complete Content Control

A top reason why people choose a self-hosted blog platform is to be in control of their site and its content. Self-hosting blog sites provide a wide selection of options that allow you to customize your site theme and modify site codes.

Many bloggers choose to monetize their blogs, and they can choose which ads to display. Keep in mind there are paid and free blogging platforms. Each has pros and cons that affect the outcome of the site.

2. Search Engine Friendly

Presenting valuable content for site visitors and search engines is significant. If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO, you’ll know the significance of trying to rank higher in search results.

A search engine may rate content based on quality, but many self-hosted platforms get a boost in placement. Content on these platforms feature organic, and original content people search for regularly.

If you create content for your blog consistently and keep your content up to date, it improves the ranking for that content. It may also help with establishing site traffic.

3. Community Support

Whether you are new to using a self-hosted platform or you want to know more about what you can do with your site, there is a community that can answer your questions. If you need help getting started or you’re not sure how to implement a feature, you have help options.

The platform you’re using will have a customer service option. You can call or email questions and concerns.

There are also social media groups and forums with people asking similar questions. You may find the answer you need without contacting customer support by doing a simple online search.


Controlling the feel and look of your blog, making it easier for readers to find your site, and useful online help support are advantages of using self-hosted blog websites. Paid options may provide more benefits depending on personal blogging goals and site purpose.

Understanding the advantages is helpful when determining the right platform to use. Pay attention to other features a blogging platform offers to learn the potential of the site and what it can do for your content.

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