Amazon is again the most valuable company in the world


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Global online retail giant Amazon has become the most valuable company in the world following Wall Street operations yesterday

On Wall Street the day of 796.8 billion dollars completion of the market value of the Amazon , a month before Apple ‘s sitting on the Top by outpacing Microsoft ‘ s the market value of 783.4 billion dollars.

Amazon finishes at the Top after notching a 3.4 percent gain to finish with a market capitalisation of US$796.8 billion (3.28 trillion), about US$13.2 billion more than Microsoft.

Led by Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, Amazon has seen remarkable growth as its business has spread beyond its origins as an online bookseller to myriad other retail categories.

In September, Amazon was the second company to exceed the $ 1 trillion limit after the market.

Amazon shares rose 2.0 percent to $ 2,050.50 on September 4, shortly after the opening of the US stock markets.

Thus, Amazon became the second company to exceed this limit only five weeks after Apple, the technology giant that exceeded the $ 1 trillion in August.

Apple, long the world’s biggest company by market capitalisation first lost the distinction in late November and is currently fourth with US$702 billion, behind Amazon, Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet, which has a value of US$745.2 billion.

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