Anatomy Of A Data Scientist Infographic


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Data scientists are a new breed of analytical data experts who possess technical skills to solve complex problems – and the curiosity to explore what problems need to be solved.

They are part mathematicians, part scientists in computer science and part observers of tendencies. And as they embrace the worlds of business and IT, they are highly sought after and well paid. Who would not want to be one of them?

They are also a sign of the times. Data scientists were not on many radars a decade ago, but their sudden popularity reflects the way companies now view big data . That mass of information lacking in structure and unmanageable can no longer be ignored and forgotten. It is a virtual gold mine that helps increase revenue – as long as there is someone who digs and unearths business insights that nobody thought of looking for before.

Here is the Infographic that explains the Anatomy of a Data Scientist


Anatomy Of A Data Scientist Infographic

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