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Are you a startup struggling with new clients? Read this

You could be dealing in any business in the world; it would scale down to just one thing in the end – Clients. In other words, the customer is the king!

You might be into textiles or alloys, retail or manufacturing, wholesale, e-commerce or whatever, you will have to depend on your customers.

But, it is easier said than done, especially if you are new to this world, or in simpler terms, startups. If you are a new startup, there are more chances than not, that you are struggling to find new customers and clients.

With 9 out of 10 startups failing, this is very common and happens because of quite a few reasons.

Some of them could be, brand recognition, competition, and people not being familiar to your products, services, and offerings.

But fret not, we are here with a master guide to client acquisition, by the end of which you must be more confident for your next client meeting.

Finding Users

Irrespective of the business there must be a certain demographics that should be in your head right from the day you planted the idea.

Say, if you are in manufacturing, your demographic or target customers would be businessmen in retail or wholesale. Similarly, if you are in the retail of sportswear, your target would be children, teenagers, and young adults.

In case you do not have a certain demographic in the head, then let me tell you, you will have a tough path going ahead. The idea behind this is, not all startups and their products satisfy a universal need.

So we narrow it down to the people whose needs are being satisfied. It not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the effort.

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Locating target customers

Once you find your users your job is only half done. Next step is to locate your target segment – both virtually and in reality.

For example, suppose your target customers are young adults, teenagers, and children, we all know you would find the major lot on the popular social media platforms. And now you could create a Facebook page or an Instagram account of your business to be in constant contact with your target segment.

Word of Mouth and Referrals

This a very underrated measure and people do not understand how useful this could turn out to be. A few examples of big brands who truly grew because of the spread of word of mouth and referrals are none other than social media giants, Instagram and Snapchat.

Also, technological advancement allows you to track the word of mouth referrals your startup is receiving. This has quite a few benefits like you could know whether your brand is receiving positive or negative referrals.

If positive, you know you are putting in good work. In case it is negative, it gives you the opportunity to make changes.

Giving away free stuff

In the era of competitive marketing, being ahead of your competitors is equally important as gaining customer loyalty. The demands of the product and the number of competitors is inversely proportional to each other – that is, the more the competitors the less would be the demand.

You can make these two go hand-in-hand by giving away products and services free of cost. This way the potential customers will have a whiff about your brand as turning down ‘free’ stuff is a way too difficult task to do.

Further, if the technique clicks, the customer will come back and you will be miles ahead of your competitors.

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Hire Client Acquisition Companies

Today’s era is all about outsourcing. It needs to be. Companies, especially startups need to focus all around, rather than just a specific aspect like customer acquisition.

It is certainly important and demands major of your attention but why would you drain all your efforts, when you have experts that can take care of it?

While we are at the end of this article, here’s one final note – your hard work and determination are all that counts. So don’t lose heart in small stumbles, they are a part of the joy ride to the top.

If you are good and have faith in yourself (and, of course following these tricks) – clients will come, today or tomorrow!

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