Automotive CMOS Sensors – Why It’s Better than CCD Sensors?


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The public and industrial sectors have witnessed a sudden dip in prices of digital images in the current market solutions. Some believe that the decline of production and demand of the public caused the introduction of components at a lower price of the camera itself as image sensors.

The introduction of CMOS (complementary metal oxide Semiconductor) image sensors has shaken up the film and the industry of the camera due to its lower cost of production and a better performance when used in comparison with its predecessor CCD sensors) charge-coupled device) that are in the old cameras.

Meanwhile they continue with the same technology that in theory, which is to convert light into electrons, the advanced technology of today has radically improved the game in durability, quality and price.

Here is the Infographic from OmniVision which shows Why CMOS Sensors are better than CCD Sensors

Source: OmniVision

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