Banana P2P Ecosystem

Banana P2P Ecosystem: Net Security In One Place!

Do you agree that all your activities on the Internet should be completely under your control so that no one can track you? That’s why a team of enthusiastic programmers has developed a system that provides a high degree of privacy and data protection since its first launch – Banana P2P Ecosystem.

Banana is a closed decentralized ecosystem, providing the ability to keep all online activities only under your control!

Hide from surveillance

Thanks to sophisticated encryption and peer-to-peer architecture, which is based on Swift Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, all your operations are protected and all data is stored in a special storage treasure, access to which only the user has. All built-in tools of the ecosystem are encrypted by default, unlike the known analogues of the Banana ecosystem, like Tor. 


Built-in privacy features protect your online activities from the start. You can browse the web anonymously as soon as the system boots up. In this case, no outsiders will not be able to track your activity on the network. Registration does not require sensitive data such as phone number, email address and name. When registering, the system generates a special unique key for each new user that gives access to all personal data. 

Full protection

Due to the unique data encryption system, which implies the absence of a service that stores all the information, the system does not process it on its own. Therefore, no third-party services and people will not be able to access it. Each user – the server and the client at the same time. This is possible thanks to the unique decentralization of data, which provides real-time security around the clock.

Banana: What’s that? 


Anonymous messenger of the new generation that can be used not only from your phone but also from your computer. However, this version of the messenger has a higher degree of privacy. It becomes possible because only the user saves the entire history of correspondence on his own server, access to which gives a unique key

In the messenger, the user shares files of any extension, communicates with friends, accompanying messages with cool stickers and emoticons, makes video calls, and exchanges audio messages. 


Convenient file sharing allows sending and receiving emails from colleagues without the threat of information leakage. There is the possibility of creating special chat rooms, blogs, and email templates for mailing. 


The protection of financial data is provided by the electronic wallet of the ecosystem. It is possible to store a specially created cryptocurrency – Crypton. With this currency, the user can make and receive payments without leaving the data, as all transactions are carried out anonymously. A nice bonus – for every 15 Internet session in a Banana, the user receives cryptons, which can be used in the future.

Browser Idyll 

Safe surfing on the Internet provides P2P Network – Browser Idyll. This is a real system in the system, which has all the necessary user sites. Therefore, it does not need to leave the boundaries of the ecosystem and let the data on third-party sites. 

In addition, the browser allows adding and creating new sites that can be used by other users. This ensures safe browsing in the ecosystem.

Mining Bot

To speed up the process of earning Cryptons, it is possible to establish a mining bot that will speed up this process by 4 times. Thus, the user can receive a stable income from surfing the Internet. 

Convenient interface 

The design of the ecosystem is user-friendly to any revision or change at your request. Therefore, using a Banana is not only convenient but also pleasant. 

Moreover, in the system, the user may create and play games that will help to relax with colleagues and friends after a long working day. 

Use Banana right now!

The ecosystem is waiting for its finest hour! It will happen on October 4, 2019. From this time,  Banana P2P Ecosystem will be available to all interested in Internet security users! 

Appreciate all the benefits that will turn your usual view of the Internet!

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