FlowMeter Diagnostics

The Benefits of FlowMeter Diagnostics In Process Plants

According to an article from Flow Control titled “Verifying Coriolis flow meter calibration,” perfect flow meter technologies never wears or drifts. Also, it never requires zeroing. Plus, it gauges in mass units and is susceptible to the impact of fluid dynamics and changing fluid properties, and many more.

It promotes advanced diagnostics that can exhaustively check or assess any odd conditions, maybe even sending messages to stakeholders to give guidance and advanced notice on how to treat the condition. Ultimately, all industries accept diagnostic data. 

Although the list of qualities for the impeccable flow meter was depicted years ago, well, today, the future is nearer. Technological advancements have granted symbolic upswings in product development. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how the flowmeter diagnostics improve production in process plants. Read on!

Advances In Diagnosing a Meter

Until recently, diagnosing a flow meter, such as ultrasonic flow meters and Coriolis flowmeters, meant taking readings physically, rebooting particular parameters, then manually entering or uploading the gathered data into a computer. But today, diagnosing a meter can be done more efficiently and much faster, thanks to the advanced diagnostic abilities designed into the device. 

Also, with the capability to send information directly to a network, tablet, or laptop. The advantages of online diagnostic data gathering land into three groups: cost, time, and safety. 


Expenses can build up, especially when a flow meter requires removing from the line and transported into a laboratory for servicing and testing. When it comes to large devices, it can include pieces of equipment like a crane to remove the device. 

Most of the time, the flow meter must be stopped during the process. With that said, production could be stopped as well, unless you have a spare flow meter. All of these can be expensive.

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But another option could be worse. A faulty and imprecise flow meter can cause a lot of problems, which could eventually lead to fines for not meeting environmental standards and regulatory requirements. 

A flow meter with advanced diagnostics that can deliver on-site results acknowledged by regulatory firms can give significant cost savings. Thus, cutting off added expenses.


Undoubtedly, the time recouped by not having to monitor or assess every flow meter physically is overwhelming. It’s time-saving and cost-saving. A flow measurement technology with cutting-edge diagnostics can give alerts to issues in the process that an individual can deal with before the problem occurs. 

Thus, users can now schedule regular maintenance, flow meter, and plant maintenance become reactive, and if the device is functioning correctly, schedule-based maintenance isn’t needed. 


Take note that there are inherent dangers when physically checking the flow meter. When abnormal operation occurs, like startup and shutdown, safety is at risk. It includes exposure or risk to the process fluid. 

With these in mind, online quality checks or diagnostics could be very advantageous. It can cut down the need for the associated risks and manual sampling. 

Flow Meter Verification

Flowmeter verification usually comprises of checking the health of the transmitter and the sensor. The indicators must be in the normal state to aid in verifying if the device is working. Examining the configuration for the flow meter parameters and ensuring they haven’t changed is essential, as well.

Although sensor verification will differ by producer, it’ll monitor any changes in the performance of the flow meter. But keep in mind that this check can be on a periodic basis or on-demand. 

Moreover, some manufacturers offer digital meter verification that can be performed without interrupting the measurement or the process. 

Using the Data

Gathering data is just one part of the story. Using it effectively and having it readily accessible is the other half. Many flow meter manufacturers and sensor manufacturers now offer softer apps that run on a dashboard, on a desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

Moreover, it can display or present relevant data in a readable format. These software applications can even send alerts to personnel to process issues before they become worse, providing yet another security layer by way of advanced diagnostics.

These software applications aid in connecting the dots over the process, and it can give you greater peace of mind. Simply speaking, information and data becomes readily available quickly and at a glance. Thus, optimizing operations. 


Manufacturers and businesses from different industries are always looking for the correct tools to improve or advance processes. Seeking for the proper diagnostics and devices to make sure that a plant can operate at peak safety and efficiency within known parameters can be difficult, mainly if a plant is dealing with legacy equipment.

Using cutting-edge diagnostic tools that give real-time results into the device means processes can be modified as required without stopping the process. Therefore, guaranteeing that the plant facilitators meet optimization goals. 

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