Top 4 Benefits of Having a Phone Line for Customer Service

Phone Line for Customer Service

With more and more tasks being automated. It is key to automate customer service where operations are carried out by humans. One such system is the customer phone line.

Having an automated phone line is useful – there is huge value in having a working voicemail, email notifications for calls and call blocking services – but these should be complemented by having a staff member on hand to answer customer queries and complaints.

In this article we will discuss the benefits of having a dedicated phone line for customer service.

Benefits of Having a Phone Line

1. Better Lead Conversion

Having a manned phone line should increase the number of leads generated and also the percentage of those leads which are converted into sales.

This is because friendly and engaging employees can operate the phone lines. They are skilled in making sales and answering queries that will make a purchase more likely.

Ensure to have a personalized voicemail that can allow customers to leave their voice query. Also, make sure to check all your social media pages and email addresses on daily basis.

2. Improved Customer Service

There is no better tool for fantastic customer service than a well-trained employee. However, you should empower them to do their job properly by giving them the tools that they need to thrive. 

For instance, using Kall8 you can set up email notifications – whenever you receive a call. Also, you can track the time and date, duration and caller ID –to fully document your contacts and leads.

This will allow the customer service team to follow up queries more promptly – particularly if they missed the call – and accurately.

Improved customer service through reliable and hardworking operators rather than ineffective automated online forms will help you stand out above your competitors.

3. Increased Reputation

Having quality phone operators will increase your reputation amongst customers, clients and consumers.

According to Forbes, customer loyalty and brand recognition are naturally increased by having skilled customer service at the end of the phone for all customer needs.

Consumers may also feel more likely to recommend you to friends when they experience excellent customer service by making an easy purchase over the phone, had a query answered promptly or had a complaint resolved decisively. 

4. Accessibility and Accountability

Business can promote accessibility and accountability by allowing customers to contact you and speak to a customer service representative.

Not everybody uses the internet or has access to your website, and for those, your phone line is the primary contact point. 

In terms of accountability, a phone line opens your business up to criticism and complaints which can be solved quickly and purposefully. If a customer can issue their feedback directly, rather than through a form, they will feel more fulfilled.

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