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Benefits Of Using Captive Portal For Better Guest & Customer Experience

Captive Portal

As we know, in today’s world, everyone is always on their phone. With smartphones like iPhones and Android options, there is almost nothing you can’t do with your phone. You can browse the internet, use apps, text your friends, and place long-distance calls in a matter of seconds.

However, some internet and network methods make it even easier for you to stay connected constantly. Whether you need wifi for business or recreational calls, having the opportunity to be connected when you visit a new business can increase the likelihood of returning to that business in the future.

If you want to learn more about captive portals, Bloom intelligence published a complete guide on what exactly captive portals and examples of captive portals.

If you go to a cafe for remote work and find no public wifi, that ruins your work plans. You will probably go to another location to get your job done – meaning you spend money at another business. Companies can take specific measures to ensure every customer can connect to their internet!

Here in this article will discuss the top 3 benefits of using a captive portal for a better guest and customer experience!

Benefits Of Using Captive Portal

1. Protect against unauthorized internet access

One of the main benefits of using a captive portal for guests in public places and business spaces is enhanced security. Guests won’t have to worry about people hacking into their computers and using the public network to get into their email or private accounts.

Instead, a captive portal means that businesses can protect their guests from any attacks and prevent unauthorized users from getting on the web.

The service providers used in a captive portal ensure that illegal content downloads, pirating, and hacking are prohibited on public networks.

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2. Controlled Connection

There are always people who want to use extra services than what has been provided for them. If this is the case, the business or public space in charge of providing the captive portal for free wifi can control who connects into their network and the limitations placed on each user.

For many businesses, they place controls on the bandwidth consumption per connection, connection time, and the number of accessories allowed per user.

3. Data Capture

Finally, a captive portal can help those connecting to the free WIFI by allowing numerous ways to access and join the network. Users who want to join the free network don’t have to spend minutes trying to connect.

Instead, the captive portal makes it easy by offering the user the ability to accept the terms and conditions page, fill out a contact form, log in via social media, or add their email to the sign-in sheet.

By allowing various methods to sign up to the captive portal, this network can simultaneously monitor connections while also getting contact information for later connections.


Using a captive portal is a great way businesses can influence customers to come back and use their services or products in the future. By letting customers stay connected with their business colleagues or their friends via WiFI, they can increase the user-friendliness of their business. Captive portals help users have a controlled connection, capture data for future use, and enhance user security.

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