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The 5 Best 3D Printers of 2019

When you are interested in buying 3d printers it can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you’re new to 3D printing altogether you may not even know what to look for. Well, worry not, because we have laid out some of your best options here so you can decide for yourself which 3D printer is the right choice for you.

Whether you fancy yourself a hobbyist looking for a second printer for your home there is a match for you on this list. If you’re curious what all the hype is about with 3D printing and you’re thinking it might be time to try your hand at this list is great jumping-off point and you can be sure you will find the information you need to find the 3D printer you need.

With a variety of styles and features, all of these have one common thread and that is they are awesome and will print you awesome 3D items. Certainly kids are going to need a different printer than a small office and our list is optimized so anyone can find the printer they need.

1. Top of the Line

We would be remiss if we didn’t start with the ​Fusion3​. This is a professional quality printer at a price point that doesn’t make it unobtainable. This is a wonderful printer for a small business to

consider as this one is particularly sturdy and is meant to handle the demands of a small industrial setting or an office.

Imagine what you could create with this amazing printer. It has an enclosed print area that offers you the benefit of being able to print at top speed and still get completely accurate results with no errors. The enclosed area also makes the printer quieter than the open models as well as offering protection from the heating elements.

A safe, quiet profession 3D printer sounds too good to be true but if you want to see the Fusion3 in action before you buy, there are online demonstrations so you can see for yourself what an excellent printer it truly is. With an excellent warranty on the already extremely durable printer, there’s really nothing to lose.

2. Designers Dream

When you’re looking to get into product design or small-batch manufacturing you are going to want a printer that can print with resin. When you print with resin you can create things that are extremely detailed making it a great choice for printing prototypes and jewelry.

If designing interesting things chock full of small details is exciting to you then you should look at the ​Formlabs Form 2 printer​. With the ability to print items that are perfect for casting this printer is an excellent choice for someone looking to take their 3D printing up a notch. The resin is a slightly different process than typical filament and is interesting to learn about.

Not only can this printer create items that are tough and long-lasting but there is also a resin available that prints flexible material. Imagine the possibilities of something being bendable and flexible while still maintaining their shape.

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3. Middle of The Road

When you’re looking for an easy to use a 3D printer that will print high-quality materials right away, you should consider the XY2printing Da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D Printer. This printer is precalibrated and ready to use ​immediately after you open the box​ and remove all of the protective materials. That’s right, you can plug it in and start printing items right away. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The Da Vinci has a filament sensor to let you know when you’re running low so you don’t have to pause and check at any point. This is very handy so that you can ensure that you always have filament on hand to print when the mood strikes.

This is an extremely popular printer for a reason, it’s easy to use but prints really well. If you are interested in printing or a long-time printing fan, this is a great option for you to consider as you’re looking for which 3D printer to buy.

4. One For The Kids

Let’s be clear, 3D printers are not toys, they are sophisticated pieces of machinery and with the heating element does pose some risk if not properly supervised. But the Mattel ThingMaker is an extremely family-friendly printer that can make learning fun and creative.

3D printing is an excellent way to teach children about science and technology in a fun way with results they can play with. The ThingMaker makes printing as easy a building with blocks and is even compatible with IOS and Andriod apps to make printing even easier for anyone but especially kids.

If you’re looking to engage in your printing hobby with your children or have just a minor interest in seeing what a 3D printer can do, Mattel’s option is a great introductory choice for you. With this printer, you will be able to learn the process in a fun and easy way.

5. Beginner’s Luck

If you have never even considered buying a 3D printer before but now suddenly you’re feeling the itch to try it out then you are going to want a newbie-friendly printer which is where the Monoprice Voxel comes in. A value printer that is capable of experimenting while still resulting in decent print quality, the Monoprice Voxel is an excellent starter printer.

This printer features a closed frame keeping you safe from the hot nozzle, makes the printer fairly quiet so it doesn’t disturb your day as well as keeps any odour from the warmed filament contained within the unit itself. If you want to see what all the fuss is about in a really risk-free way, this is a great printer to try.


Whether you’re just starting out or ready to expand your business to the next level, there is certainly a 3D printer that will fit within your needs. Using this list as a jumping-off point you can find an excellent 3D printer to buy for your home or office that you’ll love.

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