The Best Online Games That Started Off Offline

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Gaming has been around for most of human history but over the last few decades the evolution of digitalised and online gaming has made the experience far more exciting and accessible than ever before.

New innovative games appear online every single day but for some, the best games are those that bring a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

A great number of traditional card games and board games have been reimagined for the web. These include solo games and multiplayer games, which can now be played with friends or strangers anywhere in the world.

Here are just a few of the best online games based on traditional offline games:

1. Roulette

Dating back to 18th century France the casino game roulette features a spinning wheel with numbered pockets. A ball is dropped onto the wheel while it is spinning and players must guess what number or coloured pocket it will land in.

The player will place a wager on their expected outcome and will win a cash prize if they have guessed correctly. This game has been played in casino venues for centuries and has now been created for play on computers, smartphones and tablet devices.

With online providers, you can find the online French roulette game and its many different variants, including American roulette and traditional European roulette.

Different casino sites have different minimum betting amounts and bet types, with many also offering generous promotional offers and bonuses to new players.

By playing roulette online instead of visiting a land-based casino venue, fans of the game can find a much wider selection of games and enjoy them from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. 

2. Monopoly

The board game Monopoly is an economics themed game that can be traced all the way back to the early 1900s. During this era, it was designed as an educational tool to show people the negative aspects of private monopolies. 

The Parker Brothers made this game a household game in the 1930s when they re-envisioned and released the board game during World War II. The board comes with houses, hotels, title deeds, community and chase cards and two dice. There is also money that is dealt out to the players via the banker.

Hundreds of versions of the game have since been released. Aside from the traditional London theme, there are also Disney, Pokemon, Star Wars and Mario Kart themed boards to name just a few.

You can now play the online Monopoly game via the app. There are a number of online variations available, but one developed by Marmalade Game Studio is available on app stores.

The Monopoly app has ​​in-game video chat so that you can connect and communicate with your friends during gameplay. There are a number of boards to choose from, including Victorian London, spooky Transyvania and 1930s Atlantic City amongst others.

You can either play in single mode or multiplayer and can choose between online and offline modes.

3. Uno

Uno is a shedding type card game played on a specially designed deck of cards. Developed in America in the 1970s, it became part of the Mattel family of games in 1992. 

The game can be played with between two and ten players and the aim is to be the first person to get 500 points by playing all their own cards and scoring points from the cards that are still held by other players.

The Uno card pack has 108 cards, significantly more than a traditional deck. This game is often the first choice at family gatherings as it is fun for players of all ages. 

There are a number of online Uno games that have been released by different developers. The online Uno game is a free web browser game that allows two, three or four players in a session.

4. Cluedo

Also well worth mentioning is Cluedo. The murder mystery board game Cluedo (or Clue for American players) is often a big hit at dinner parties.

Cluedo was released in the United Kingdom in 1949 and the game, along with characters like Miss Scarlett and Professor Plum, have since become household names. 

The aim of Cluedo is to be the person who discovers who murdered the victim, where the murder took place, and which weapon was used to kill. Marmalade Game Studio have now released the game on app store, Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

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