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Let’s Unwind the Booming Features of Angular 8.0: The Modern-Age Framework

The Angular JS framework of Google has been a popular name in the market ever since it was first introduced in 2016.

From that day until today, the framework has seen many changes. Some were complete rewrites, while a few of them were only minor updates.

However, all these updates contributed to a robust AngularJS mobile app development. And it seems that every version made developing and coding better for the aficionados.

On that note, Google releases its most awaited version of the framework; i.e Angular 8.0.

The developer’s expectations were already reaching the sky heights. Hence, we could see a list of probable features of the new version all over the internet.

However, in this article, we unleash the genuine features of Angular 8.0 along with a major introduction to the platform.

“Ivy rendered” is the big change every development company is talking about. It is expected to make a revolutionary addition to the efficiency of this new version.

Curious to know how? Join us in the discovery of new features that will suffice the needs of every developer.

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The secret behind Ivy Rendered Innovation

First things first… Are you aware of the Ivy rendered feature and its effect on the framework?

If No, then you must know that Ivy is the most important innovation Google has come up with, till date. It is the bridge connecting various apps to stable user experience.

Here is proof Ivy rendered benefits, ensuring a secure and sustainable development of apps.

  • No more hassle of slow connections

The web application users always seem to have some trouble with slow connections. It is either that their app does not appear or takes ages to load with all the functionalities.

The first aim of Ivy rendered is to reduce that pain. By allowing the development of such apps that work best, irrespective of the connection speed.

  • Improvised methods of debugging

The Ivy features resolve one of the important issues i.e; security and error-prone apps. The better side of template checking enables the system to detect issues from the application.

Followed by the shine and dime of debugging, which has become quick and efficient than before.

  • Work with human-friendly Angular codes

Today, Angular comes as more efficient, robust and easy to understand framework. Google has worked upon Ivy in such a manner, that codes generated can be read easily by the people.

Apart from these tits and bits, there are 2 concepts which put Ivy at the center of the stage. Let us talk about them in-depth.

  • Tree shakable

With Ivy rendered, Angular mobile app development has seen a new and more effective change in its process. Tree shakable is one among such concepts.

Here the developers are put to ease when the unused or unwanted codes of the applications are kept aside. Now, as a result, the experts get time to focus all their energy on the important codes.

As an added bonus, the tree shakable concept also works on code splitting. So, no route will fail to have access to their own codes or happen to use a wrong set.

The hustle of locating the required data goes down with the codes assigned to their defined place. In the end, Ivy ensures delivery of faster and better app development.

  • Local

Not everything that is inside the application requires to be changed. Some codes are of no use in the future.

Ivy aims at removing such codes and recompiling only those components that will make a difference in the future.

With this process, the developers shall save a lot of time, which can further be used in building new ideas for the app.

However, Google wants to be sure more than ever. With all the changes made to Ivy, it is being tested on more than 600 applications of Google. So by the end, a better and error-free app emerges at the doorstep of developers.

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Having discussed all the glittery features of Ivy, take some time to look at the small yet crucial features of Angular 8.0.

  • Differential loading of modern JavaScript

As soon as we see Angular 8 in action, the command line interface of the framework shall release separate bundles. One for the legacy and another for modern JavaScripts.

Once Angular creates such loading differentials, the apps will gain commendable processing speed. The modern time browser will no longer struggle to present the contents of the web app.

  • Web workers for application speed

The entire crux of Angular 8.0 version revolves around changing the speed of everything that is related to development.

Web workers with its essential features improve the parallelizability and of course, the application speed.

As a pleasant surprise, web workers are also designed to support a general request from the developers.

Thus, the command line interface (CLI) of the web application is able to treat the requests within the given time.

  • Third-party tool updates

The success of the well-known framework relies on the efficiency of third-party tools. Together, the framework and depended tools work to create a better performing app.

Angular 8.0 will soon create its own path in the market by May 2019. After that, all the tools coordinating with the framework will be updated for a seamless development initiative.

  • The Backward Compatibility mode

The new and old versions of a framework have an equal role in determining the future of app development.

The modern approach focuses on modern problems, but the traditional approach already knows how to deal with the existing one.

This idea introduces the concept of backward compatibility which makes upgrading of apps very simple.

  • Opt-In usage sharing

The opt-in sharing mode is one of the interesting features of Angular 8.0 has introduced. It is the tactful way of maintaining a link between efforts and community needs. Developers have often come across the issue integrating non-coded data.

With opt-in sharing, the framework shall fetch data like the anonymous commands on its own. Remember, this feature is open only when you give Angular 8.0 access to such information.

Journey to Revolutionary App development

The moment Angular 8.0 framework enters the market, all the applications will undergo a huge revolution.

A smile is spread on every developer’s face. Why? The new version seems to reduce loading time and pressure.

Start making way for Angular 8.0, the better version would be rolling out soon in the month of May!!!

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