Cheapest Bowie Knife Skins in CS:GO

The initial real version of the Bowie knife appeared in 1830. A blacksmith called James Black made it. First, the blade was supposed to serve various household chores. But later, Colonel James Bowie improved this weapon.

He made the blade convenient for knife fighting. By the way, the colonel won many duels with this weapon. It made the blade extremely famous among knife fighters. Therefore, the blade was named after this inventive American soldier.

Because of the above, it isn’t strange that the fans of the CS:GO shooter also fell in love with the Bowie knife. After all, this weapon excels in various exceptionally attractive designs.

As a result, many players frequently buy original Bowie Knife CS:GO skins. However, not all gamers can spend much money on weapons. Therefore, experts have compiled a list of the cheapest skins for this cold steel to help such players.

Where to Buy an Original Bowie Knife Skin?

Proficient CS:GO players are advised to purchase or exchange such weapons on reputable marketplaces. Similar platforms offer:

  • Large selection of different versions of the described blade;
  • Detailed descriptions of all positions presented in their catalogs;
  • Convenient search filters.

Moreover, reputable online platforms regularly hold promotions. Visitors can buy weapons at a bargain price as a part of such events.

List of the Cheapest Bowie Knife Skins

Our specialists considered the price of virtual cold steel on the most popular marketplaces when creating the rating. Each skin description indicates the lowest value found on such platforms.

1. Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh

One of the most popular versions of the described weapon is Safari Mesh. The high demand is due to the exceptionally low price of this skin. It costs only $85! So, such a price makes this skin the cheapest among the others on the list.

2. Bowie Knife | Boreal Forest

It’s a little more expensive than the one above. This blade costs about $89. The skin appeared in February 2016. Throughout its existence, the knife has become extremely popular among experienced gamers due to its exceptionally impressive military finish and original construction.

3. Bowie Knife | Rust Coat

This knife was released within the update “Take a trip to the Canals” in March 2017. Nowadays, the skin’s value is nearly $95+. Its edge is made of slightly rusty unpolished steel. Players may find the blade in Battle-Scarred or Well-Worn exteriors. The first one is cheaper.

4. Bowie Knife | Urban Masked

This knife has the same price as the above. It is a popular low-tier skin for CS:GO knives in general. Its handle, as well as edge, are covered with a black and gray camouflage pattern. It gives the skin an incredibly stylish look. The skin appeared in 2016.

5. Bowie Knife | Stained

It’s the priciest variant on the list. CS:GO fans can purchase the skin for about $105. However, the blade is quite popular among both experienced and unskilled gamers.

Players praise the knife for its stylish black handle together with a bewitching polished edge. This skin was also released in 2016.

So, Which Variation of Bowie Blade Skin is Best?

It all depends on the preferences and financial capabilities of a CS:GO player. Each of the above knives has the same effectiveness in combat. So, just choose the most suitable skin and get even more fun from the game!

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