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A Comparison of Hidden Security Cameras and CCTV Cameras

Hidden security camera

If you are a frequent user of security camera then you would probably know that security cameras are of multiple purposes. Each type can be used for a number of purposes.

This use depends upon the need of the user. Need analysis before buying a security camera is a compulsory part. People might use security cameras as

  • Baby sitters for their kids, this sounds weird but in practice, this is a tone of the most efficient use of security cameras.
  • For keeping an eye on your maids so that you can have better home service.
  • For office use, mounting cameras is the office does not mean that there will be people who do not trustworthy. Instead of this, there are other legal needs people might need security cameras at their business place to have a record about the activities.
  • Schools and other institutions need security cameras for monitoring staff. Staff might break rules or do some illegal activities that are why at such places hidden security cameras are not considered important. Despite hidden security cameras, CCTV cameras are more efficient
  • For surveillance and security of your home,

Burglars are always ready to attack a house without any surveillance system.

Hidden security camera

Comparison of Hidden Security Cameras and CCTV Cameras

1. Size

Hidden security cameras are generally in between 1 to 3 inches. The reason behind the small size is to make them adjustable. On the other hand CCTV camera and other apparent indoor/outdoor cameras are larger in size.

The manufacturers design them accordingly, no doubt that a hidden security camera is a hidden entity only because of its size. Hidden security cameras are for secret surveillance purposes while apparent cameras are an explicit warning to the intruders.

2. Easy to fix

Hidden security cameras are quite easy to fix. Even an average person can fix these tiny spy cameras without any trouble. All you have to do is follow the instructions given in the mounting guide.

On the other hand, CCTV security cameras are not so easy to install, they are larger in size and come with some mounting tools. Usually, people need a professional technician for fixing up a CCTV security system.

3. Wired or wireless

Hidden security cameras are most of the times wire-free cameras. Hidden security cam is wire-free because wires can be located quite easily and the purpose of secret surveillance would die with wires. However, if they are wired hidden security cameras, which is a very rare case then companies provide camouflage for covering the wires.

Cctv and apparent security cameras are wired and require a lot of effort for fixing wires. However, many companies have now launched cameras with sensors in their wiring systems.

Hidden cameras are also vulnerable to hacking. Hackers can hack the connected wifi and cloud, this sounds very risky but these problems can be solved if the users are well aware of the technicalities related to hacking.

Pro tip

Encryption of your security device is a prerequisite for securing the hidden wireless security cameras, default settings can put your data and storage at risk. In the default setting your camera is more exposed to hackers.

Wired security cameras are also vulnerable to hacking if they are wifi enabled. Thus both these types are equally vulnerable and hence need to select the best-Hidden security camera for home and business security referring to proper Dk Security guiding to select them for an efficient nanny and other security cameras.

4. Cost

Mini spy cameras are cost-effective. They are small in size that is why it affects the price of the package. As compared to hidden security cameras CCTV cameras are expensive for they have a number of accessories with them.

The price of a spy cams depends upon its functions, if you are willing to buy one with more IR lights then it will cost you with respect to the number of lights, however, CCTV is more expensive.


Lastly, whatever product you opt to buy, make sure that it is fulfilling your needs do not rely on something that does not fulfil the required purpose. Make a wise decision about your place’s security and choose the most suitable product.

For instance, for observing your kids or in schools, your needs can be met just by a CCTV security camera moreover an apparent security camera will be a source of warning as well. On the other hand, if you want a security camera for keeping an eye on our employee then you must get a hidden security camera. This will help you maintain the culture and friendly environment of your office. Apparent security cameras can deteriorate your relation with your employees.

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