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Applications in Finance

Web application development for Fintech sphere

Financial developments based on economic integration to the Internet. For this, programmers put in place in applications:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Management schemes for large scalable databases;
  • Machine learning mechanisms.

The main objectives of mobile and web services for financial transactions are:

  • Throughput up to 1 million transactions per second;
  • System fault tolerance;
  • Infinite scalability;
  • Complex data encryption protocols to ensure the safety of bank cards and accounts;
  • A distributed system of control and transactions confirmation to avoid centralization of management.

Fintech application development service is becoming more and more popular. World-class and mid-sized companies do not want to wait until banks process their transactions.

Before, cash flows were only possible on business days. If the deal was international, it also became a problem. The difference in time zones made it challenging to send payments and transfer money to a bank account.

Fintech applications development using Java allows you to create high-tech solutions. The speed and convenience of web-technology depend only on team experience in programming.

Fields of Mangosoft activity

The development of mobile banking. Modern technologies allow us to not use uncomfortable desktop versions of the software. The application gets access to a bank account.

The user can make payments and transfers between cards of different banks without commissions. All operations are automated. Both parties are protected from fraud and double accounts: both the client and the bank.

Development of investment platforms. This is an opportunity to bring together start-up organizers and investors.

Payment Gateway Integration is one of the most popular services in the field of business automation. Transactions are carried out, without the participation of a manager. And the system keeps track of goods in the catalogue, in the warehouse and customer base.

Application development for traders. We create products that not only control several exchanges. At the same time, they send notifications. The trader can set the settings and conduct activities in automatic mode, receiving reports.

We have vast experience in the field of financial technology. So, we talk about the development and implementation of the software.

Benefits of working with Mangosoft:

  • The company policy includes the principle of GDPR (General Data Protection Rules).
  • We create products to solve specific problems, so we are confident in their usefulness.
  • Specialists conduct case studies and check the results of their work.


The development of financial services requires the industry to improve the software. Mangosoft is involved in developing projects from scratch and at any stage. Our experts conduct expertise in the existing situation. After that, we use our experience and analytic tools to offer our customers the best solution.

Finance is one of the most important. If the company decides to process the cash flows of customers, you need to pay the largest attention to security. Mangosoft encryption professionals use the latest technology. Moreover, before implementation, we test the system for hacking. When reliability is confirmed, we begin to improve scalability, speed, and throughput.

Besides development, we offer support and maintenance of projects. If you have an idea or question, ask our staff on the site. After a detailed consultation, you can decide where to go next.

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