Don’t do this on your smartphone! Experts have identified a vulnerability


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Professor of Biometrics at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Dr. Raymond Veldhuis said “If you want your mobile phone to be really safe, don’t use face recognition,” in a statement about smartphone security.

According to research by the Dutch Consumers Association, 40 percent of smartphones on the market can be easily opened by others thanks to the “face recognition” feature.

Since the phones do not look for an exact match between the photo memory and the owner’s image, the screen lock can be deactivated with the help of any passport photo.

Twente University biometrics expert Dr. Raymond Veldhuis said “If you want your mobile phone to be really safe, don’t use face recognition”.

The Dutch Consumers Association has viewed 110 smart phones from different brands. Including Samsung, Huawei, Sony and Nokia’s and found 42 phones can be unlocked easily, thanks to facial recognition feature “can be easily deceived” was determined.

The association advised consumers to turn off face recognition on their smartphones and use a fingerprint lock or password.

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Opportunity or threat?

According to Raymond Veldhuis, it is not surprising that the phone is unlocked due to the face recognition.

Veldhuis emphasizes that the face recognition program can easily be fooled with a quality passport photo, and with a photograph downloaded from the internet, it can be entered into the desired person’s phone.

According to the Dutch professor, the phones are not looking for a 100 percent match between the photo in the face recognition memory and any image of the owner.

“Because the face of our changing over time. For example, gradually getting older. Or facial expression or exposure may be different from the image in memory.

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