Easy-to-overlook ways to improve your business tech’s security

business tech's security

With 46% businesses and 26% of charities in the UK this year reporting cyber security breaches or attacks, it can be said that the threat of cyber attacks is not going away. More and more data is being stored online, and developments in technology are changing the way that we do things. 

With developments in technology also comes the increasing sophistication of cyber attackers. And now they can gain access to customer data, employee data, and risk losing you money or credibility. Now more than ever, it is important to look into improving your business tech’s security. 

That being said, it is not necessarily a case of spending a lot of money investing in new antivirus software that claims to completely solve your problems.

Instead, there are many deceivingly simple and easy-to-overlook ways that you can improve your company’s tech security. 

1. Call Management 

Call management is one simple way to improve security. Using Inbound Call Routing from a company like Gamma allows a user to route calls to certain people depending on certain criteria.

It also allows calls to be recorded for monitoring and training purposes and enables you to control what call you receive.

What’s more, you can also receive reports of every call and action made and received using the service. A side benefit is that this often optimises productivity and gives your callers a better customer experience.

2. Passwords

Encourage your employees to change their password every month or so. Put in place automated services so that the computers will prompt everyone to change their passwords at least every year.

It seems silly to state… but remember to use a strong password. This would be a combination of alphabetic, numeric and special characters. Try not to use the same password for multiple accounts, and please don’t use your birthday.  

3. Regular Training

Get all your team together regularly for training on cyber security. Some people may have more experience with computers, but cyber attackers can trick even the most experienced.

Show your employees examples of phishing emails and corrupted links so that they can identify them when they come across them. 

4. Multi-Factor Authentication

A lot of businesses are starting to use multi-factor authentication when logging into company-based accounts.

Whether it is logging into a VPN so you can work from home, or even checking your work emails, this gives you an extra layer of protection. There are many options out there, with the ability to ‘approve’ your login via key fobs or even free-to-download smartphone apps. 

As 2021 approaches, a defensive approach to cyber attacks and their advances is key to protecting your business’s cyber security.

Something as simple as managing calls, regularly changing passwords and training staff, and implementing an extra layer of authentication can help to secure your business online. 

Even remembering to regularly update your computer software can go a long way. These things are such simple solutions that they are often overlooked, but small changes like this can go a long way to improving your cyber security. 

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