Effective Ways to Nail Minimalistic Web Design

7 Highly Effective Ways to Nail Minimalistic Web Design on Its Head

The digital design industry has come a long way in recent years and the web design industry is no exception to this rule. Five years ago, web designers use to throw a kitchen sink at their designs and load it up with all the bells and whistles and visual eye candy you can think of. Today, the focus has shifted to a more cleaner and minimalistic look.

If you want your website to look professional and deliver great user experience, you should adopt the minimalistic design for your website. A simple and clean design will help users to easily navigate through the website as it is easy on their eyes.

Meanwhile, cluttered looking web design can overwhelm users and may confuse and distract them, which can work against your business. So how can I create a winning minimalistic design on your website? Is that what you are thinking? If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will learn about seven ways to create a minimalistic design in the right way.

Focus On User Experience

User experience your website delivers to your website visitors can make or break your business. If the users can easily find what they are looking for, they will not only stay on your website for longer or will also come back for more. On the contrary, if they are having a tough time finding the information they need, they will not only abandon your website but will never come back again.

Even worse, they will also share their bad experience with others, asking them to avoid visiting your website. This increases your bounce rate, decreases your click-through rate and conversion rate. Add a search bar on top so users can search for the information they need and access it quickly.

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Use White Space Smartly

White space or negative space can be a potent weapon in your arsenal if you use it intelligently. You can control user focus and attention with it. Yes, you read that right. Surround the website elements you want your users to focus on with white spaces and users will automatically focus on it.  

Let’s say, you want your users to focus on a particular button. Surround that button with white space and it will stand out from the rest of the elements on your website.

According to a study conducted at San Jose State University, White spaces can improve user perception about a product value when they are shopping online. Break down your pages into different section and use white spaces between all of them so it does not look cluttered.

Give your content some breathing space and it will give your website a cleaner and professional look. You want your website elements to work in your favor, not against you. This will happen if you use white space smartly.

Hierarchy and Typography

Just like white spaces, the font you use and the hierarchy you follow to arrange different website elements will have a huge impact on the success and failure of your website. The fonts you use on your website convey a message and give your brand a personality.

That is why it is important to choose the right font for your website. Make sure that the font is easy to read and avoid using too many different fonts on your website. Arrange website elements in such a way that it does not look cluttered. That is exactly what website design company Miami does.

Remove Unnecessary Stuff

Take a closer look at your website. You will find some extras that you don’t need. Get rid of these extras and clear the clutter. This will make your website nimble and reduce your page load times. Secondly, it will deliver a much better user experience even on slow connections.

Keep the essentials and get rid of extra baggage and it will make a world of difference to your website’s user experience. With few options for users to focus on, they don’t get overwhelmed and confused and make the right decision easily.

Pay Attention To Details

Small things make a huge difference. A small animation can not only grab the attention of your website visitors but also keep them engaged. Similarly, the color you choose for your website can tell a lot about you. It can convey your brand personality.

Make sure each website element has a purpose and ensure that each one stands out and serves a purpose. All the elements should gel in together and functions perfectly as a unit to deliver a unified web experience to users.

Use Simple Navigation

There is nothing worse for the user experience of your website then hidden or complicated navigation buttons. Make it easier for your website visitors to navigate your website by prominently placing your navigation buttons at a visible spot.

Avoid hidden navigation menus as they can confuse visitors. The easier it is for the users to navigate your website, the longer they will stay on it. Make sure that all the links works and points to the right source. If there are any broken links, fix them immediately before users can experience them, as it can badly impact the user experience of your website.

Make Your Design Pop

The minimalistic design does not have to unattractive. You can breathe new life into your minimalistic design and make it stand out by adding colors. Add eye-catching colors that coincide with your brand personality. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, as adding too many different colors on your website give users a headache.

Stay true to your brand by using the same color scheme consistently throughout your website. This will help you build the trust of website visitors and adds personality to your brand. Using colors smartly can give your website a dramatic flair and differentiate it from the rest.

How do you create minimalistic web designs? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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