5 Essential Tech Trends That Are Marking 2021

Essential Tech Trends

2020 has been an exceptionally bumpy year for everyone. The world has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic that managed to grind the world’s economy to almost a halt, causing massive havoc and upheaval.

Billions of people were forced to take shelter inside their own homes and we had to come up with completely new ways to cope, stay safe, yet at the same time, keep on working.

One of the few positive things that came out of the whole mess was we were forced to think outside a proverbial box and come up with solutions we never used before. This was especially true for technological development, which made some memorable achievements during the pandemic.

Essential Tech Trends 2021

1. Clouds, Clouds Everywhere

Cloud infrastructure has been steadily advancing in the recent decade, reaching a point where your personal device has become a mere portal you use to access it. We are all using the cloud as storage, and instant access from anywhere on the planet.

One of the most important aspects of the latest cloud service is processing power. You can now use the combined power of CPUs stored under some mountain to help you with your everyday tasks.

Companies that deal with processes that demand huge amounts of processing power are already making calculations and realizing that investing in expensive computers for their work is no longer a viable option. It is so much easier and cheaper to just relegate the task to the cloud.

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2. Online Payments

Online payments aren’t exactly a new thing in the digital world we are inhabiting. However, its primacy has been firmly cemented during the pandemic and any hope of traditional transactions coming back has been abandoned.

Barring some unforeseen disasters, online payments will remain the norm for the considerable future. One new trend is that online payment options are being integrated within software these days. For instance, all the latest casino software has integrated support for payments built-in, to increase security and speed.

This allows the users to make payments with a single click, instead of going to their provider’s website and making payments from there. Some argue that this approach decreases security, but in truth, it only adds an additional layer of protection.

3. Intelligent Networks

One of the biggest paradigm shifts we have witnessed during the pandemic was the approach to working from home. Previously something reserved for exceptional cases and emergencies, working from home has become a new norm.

Companies from all over the world are reporting massive spikes in productivity and cost reductions since letting their employees work from home. Some still stubbornly try to cling to the old ways and demand their workers’ presence in suddenly obsolete office buildings, but they won’t last long.

The rabbit is out of the hat and the people have tasted the freedom that comes with working from home. Going back to the old ways is simply not an option and those who insist on it will soon find themselves without a workforce.

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4. Internet of Things

The Internet of things has been around for a while now and most experts agree that it is the way of the future. What we are seeing now is that the future is much closer than we thought.

With billions of people forced to spend their time inside their homes, the IoT has become more important than ever. All of a sudden, the demand for IoT devices went through the roof, as people demanded to be able to communicate with their toasters online.

Of course, one thing that fueled all this has been a technological breakthrough on its own and the technology conspiracy theorists love to hate.

5. 5G

Before we start, we need to clarify a few points. No, Bill Gates won’t insert you with a microchip through the 5G network. Also, Mark Zuckerberg won’t track you with it either. He doesn’t need 5G for that, you have been giving him all the info he needs on you voluntarily for years through Facebook and Instagram.

The 5G rollout has been somewhat flaky and slow, but it is picking up pace around the globe. It won’t be long now before it covers most of the planet. We will finally have a mobile network whose speed can match those of the terrestrial lines and that will make a huge difference in how we access the Internet.

Having fast Internet on the go will be a game-changer for many applications and it will completely change the way we use many online services.

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