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Every Business Leader Needs a Phone That Actually Stops Hackers

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When the bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robs banks, he gave a legendary response: “because that’s where the money is.” Today, business leaders and those in finance find themselves targeted by hackers for the same reason. 

CEOs are privy to very sensitive information, which hackers know they can exploit for blackmail. Another risk is corporate saboteurs trying to learn trade secrets to undermine a rival business. Amid all the risks out there, the best thing a business leader can do is get phone encryption that keeps them safe.

Let’s check out what actual phone security looks like.

Military-Grade Encryption

Many free apps promise “end-to-end encryption,” a phrase that sounds like the ultimate type of encryption. The only problem is, it’s not. 

The type of encryption WhatsApp uses is weak and getting an encrypted mobile phone with the strongest encryption available is the best thing you can do to keep intruders away from your sensitive information. Hackers can’t access what they can’t hack.

Plus, the only reason that WhatsApp and other free platforms don’t charge users is that they sell user data to third-party companies. Between the less-than-stellar encryption and a business model that relies on selling user data, opt for a phone with military-grade encryption and a provider that will never sell your information.

Security Features Galore

Preventing remote access to your phone is vital, but so is barring entry to any unauthorized person holding the actual phone in their hands. The same companies that offer the highest level of encryption also have a suite of essential secondary features.

If a person tries to enter the wrong password too many times, the phone will instantly and automatically delete all its sensitive information. Business leaders can set a message, picture or note to self-destruct, greatly reducing the odds private material can get leaked by controlling its shelf life. Any content set to self-destruct can’t be forwarded, favorited, or saved on either device.

A notebook lock screen is a crucial first layer of protection. Even the pictures on your phone should be encrypted, as a private image going public can be every bit as damaging as any leaked information. 

Easy to Use

Business leaders have no use for a secure phone that can’t keep up with the industry’s rapid pace. Thankfully, the most secure phones are also easy for non-tech users to operate.

Enjoy instant access to your notes, contacts, messages (voice and picture) without having to toggle between apps. The swipe of a finger is all you need.

The most secure phones are also available in multiple global languages,English, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and more. Technology that keeps you safe should make the world simpler and more open, not the opposite.

Corporate sabotage and spying are nothing new—that’s where the money is for unscrupulous opportunists.You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of how encryption works to be safe, but you do need a phone designed for security. Keep the above tips in mind so you, your clients and all your partners will be safe.

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