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How to Expand Your Business With Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

When you’re just setting out in business, and you’re working up your business plans, plotting your course ahead, you want to be in the safe hands of high-quality software.

After all, you need all the digital support you can get when you’re attempting to enter the market with a new product or service.

The problem, for many firms, is that they fail to adequately plan their digital infrastructure as they grow, which can leave them juggling a number of disparate and non-aligned software solutions and file formats.

Microsoft is often the answer for such firms frustrated by digital dissonance, and this article will explain why.

Expanding with Microsoft

When you signed up for some of the software solutions that you began your business journey with, you might have noticed that each of them offers scalable pricing.

This means that if you’re, for instance, running under 100 business accounts, you’ll be charged a minimal fee. But if you go over this figure, you’ll begin being charged a significant fee for access to the software solution you’ve come to rely on.

In this way, using such software solutions is unsustainable. As you scale, you need fixed pricing to help you grow without costing you an arm and a leg.

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Cloud-Based Growth 

Next up is the fact that, as you grow, you’re going to be producing a good deal more data – and saving a lot more files – than in your early days as a startup. You need the size and scalability of Microsoft to help you achieve this, for two reasons:

  • Microsoft’s cloud-based storage provides your firm with the infinite space in which to store and back up your files. You’ll never have to worry about memory or storage space.
  • Files created on and stored using Microsoft software are interoperable and accessible anywhere via the cloud. It’s the ideal software for those firms looking to base their growth on collaborative work.

Using the cloud as a mechanism for businesses to take advantage of new storage space and collaboration opportunities was one of Microsoft’s huge breakthroughs in the past decade. It’s well worth your firm taking advantage of. 

Migrating to Microsoft 365

As mentioned above, many businesses begin with a number of software partnerships that helped them begin their journey towards sustained growth.

But, as startups reach a certain level of success, they outgrow these small independent software solutions and require instead a larger, simpler, and cheaper software system – like that provided by Microsoft Office 365 and its associated programs. 

The migration journey – from your poorly-organized digital infrastructure to a more centralized Microsoft IT platform – is simpler than you might imagine.

Indeed, with the help of largely automated processes enabled by, you can sit back and relax as your files and data transfer from other software programs to Microsoft. Use this migration tool today to begin your move to Office 365.

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Final Thoughts 

High-growth firms need the right software to support their scaling. Microsoft fits that bill, earning your trust and your faith through its incredibly useful programs and solutions. 

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