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Free Movie Streaming Apps You Can Download Using the Internet

In the world today, streaming is one of the things people do at homes, workplaces, while waiting in a queue or travelling – essentially as an anytime-anywhere entertaining pastime. The shift in the world of films from cinemas and cable TV to the internet has given birth to many a paid movie streaming applications which have progressively become highly popular amidst movie lovers.

However, many free movie applications also permit you quality entertainment while allowing you to download movie options you may want to watch. 

Movie apps are very useful for people who want to arrange movie nights and other social events revolving around film entertainment at their homes where they can have fun with family and friends making their time together worthwhile.

If you are looking for such an experience all you need to do is download any of these apps and set yourself up for a weekend full of film and fun in the company of your loved ones. One other thing however that you must ensure is up to par before you set up expectations regarding such a movie weekend is seamless internet connectivity – for what good would it be to watch a movie on a connection that is unreliable?

1) Tubi TV

Tubi TV has a wide range of free movies neatly sorted out into varied categories which you can surf around either by genre, featured, or the most popular. Movies offered by Tubi TV are exhibited via a smooth running movie player and boast a high-quality picture.

You will also have the additional option to switch on subtitles; when you log into the app you will get the option to add movies to the queue and you can access the same across different devices along with screencasting option. Tubi TV enables you to watch movies by employing the web version of Tubi TV as well. 

Google Play Rating: 4.5

App Store Rating: 4.6

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2) Yidio

Yidio is one convenient platform to find your favorite movies. This free movie application comes with a different flavor. Given that Yidio gathers video content from Amazon, the Roku channel, Netflix, etc. It offers a gigantic catalog to surf through although not every movie is free to watch on the app.

What Yidio does, however, do for you is to direct you to a number of other free movie apps which do permit you to watch certain movies online without a subscription. The only problem the users might face with Yidio is there are many paid movies and subscription-based movie applications included in the list. With that said it must also be added, Yidio lets you efficiently manage your movies making it convenient for you to find your favorite movies. 

Google Play Rating: 3.8

App Store Rating: 4.2

3) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free movie application with a vast collection of movies sorted by categories – the app often tends to boast many new arrivals which you can find displayed on the top. It offers exclusive content too – and all such content is categorized as Popcornflix Originals.

Movies are of good quality, the movie player might feel a little overwhelming at times but it streams the picture smoothly and has almost all the features you may need. Popcornflix permits streaming TV series for free as well. 

Google Play Rating: 3.2

App Store Rating: 4.1

4) Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures is considered one of the market leaders in the movie industry. The fact Sony has come up with an online movie application certainly provides movie enthusiasts more entertainment with added convenience. It has one of the best collections of movies you can watch for free. It even includes some popular old classics and new hits.  

The movie player is quite effortless to use. But you might have to watch a few ads while viewing free movies. The good thing is these advertisements are not too intrusive. The app also lets you watch TV shows and some popular TV series free of charge. 

Google Play Rating: 3.8 

App Store Rating:  3.9

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5) SnagFilms

One other movie application you can take a look at is SnagFilms. If you are into indie movies and documentaries, there is a vast catalogue for you to scroll through – with indie film content dominating the catalogue, many free movies are available for you to watch in high quality, you can access quite a few classics and you can select critically acclaimed independent movies too.

The movie player is very simple. The app is ad-supported but the ads do not show up too frequently and are not too intrusive either. The only downside is if you are looking for the latest hits SnagFilms is not the right option. 

Google Play Rating: 2.9

App Store Rating: 4.6 

6) Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a feature-rich free movie app with a simple user interface and multiple features to help users with movie watching. When a user opens the app, they see Pluto’s free TV channels and a dedicated tab for free movies as well as TV shows. You can sign in to customize Pluto TV as per your requirement.

You can watch free movies on live channels, and many other free TV channels with a variety of content. The movie player has a decent layout, with subtitles available for most free films. 

Google Play Rating: 4.5

App Store Rating: 4.7

Watching films through mobile applications listed above cannot only add fun to your movie nights but will also bring you more viewing options. These apps are highly practical for people who are always on the move – if you wish you can further enhance your movie-watching experience by making a nominal payment which would allow you access more options offered by many of these apps. 

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