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A Complete Guide for Having an Instagram Business Account!

It’s been more than eight years when Instagram officially rolled on iOS and gained immense popularity for its amazing updates. With an estimated count of approximately 1 billion users around the world, Instagram is loved by everybody. 

Furthermore, Instagram launched its business account back in 2016, which later become one of the best platforms of businesses to market their business. If you are an Instagram addict and often think of increasing followers and engagement, the first thing you need to do has a business account. 

What A Business Account On Instagram Look Like? 

The Instagram business account looks similar to the personal account with photos, stories, and videos showing up in the feed. However, the only difference is that you have to incorporate features like detailed analytics, ad targeting, call-to-action button to get in touch with potential clients. 

Common Instagram Features And Functions Businesses Should Know! 

Instagram for business is a bit tricky, as the platform shakes things every now and then. This makes it hard for Instagrammers to keep up with followers and to engage real insta followers. Here are the 5 most common features that may help you make the most of your brand’s presence: 

Audience And Engagement: 

Business accounts can gain access to metrics like who are following you, how your account is performing, and how much account engagement does your account have. You can have analytics of account engagement, overall reach, the total number of profiles who have taken action on your account, the profile visits you have received and more.

You can have insights into the total number of times your post has been seen and other audience demographics like age, gender, location, and more. 

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Hashtags are very important, and people are using them on every platform, with Instagram being no exception. When you use a hashtag on Instagram, that content gets placed on another page or story, which is using the same hashtag. 

This will help those users who are searching or following the same hashtags to find a post that matches their interests. Hashtags also help you find the content users share and are relevant to your brand. moreover, it helps you buy real Instagram followers to get more audience and followers. 

Using Instagram Stories: 

Instagram stories are quite powerful; the more eye-catching, they would be, the higher will be the chance of getting more likes in the feed. Putting stories will make your account real and will help you build more genuine connections, proper guidelines of story views you can find on gramifly.

Also, videos are the most engaging thing, and with Instagram, you get a chance to engage people in your platform. Show your audience behind the scenes and uncensored content to make things look real. 

You can also use stories to share upcoming events, updates, alerts, and other new content. Moreover, it is easy to incorporate GIFs, colors, music, and fonts to make the post look more engaging. 

The IGTV: 

IGTV let people upload long videos that are up to one-hour long. The feature looks exactly like turning to switch the TV on, as videos start playing as long you hit the TV icon on Instagram. As a business, you can post tutorials, DIYs, or can ask questions/queries from your customers. 

Just keep in mind that these videos would require a high production level than the traditional videos on Instagram. 


Instagram has been popularly known for collaborating and sharing success stories of influencers. Even if you don’t partner with a non-profit organization, you can try fundraising or charity. Just keep in mind that the cause aligns with your brand. Also, keep in mind that tagging with a post will increase your chance of getting noticed. 

Whether your strategies need an update or you want to start from scratch, keep in mind the above tips, and increase engagement on your profile.  

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