Artificial Intelligence

Hani Zeini Highlights the Importance of AI to Boost Business Processes

Nowadays, most businesses are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their business and provide streamlined and budget-friendly products to their customers.

Businesses are trying to cope with the changing needs of the market by using artificial intelligence to achieve success across the board. The use of robotics is bringing about a transformation in the way enterprises function altogether.

Hani Zeini’s suggestions on changes brought about by artificial intelligence (AI)

1. Boosting Marketing and Sales

Many businesses are now incorporating analytics which enables teams to understand valuable insights into their work. The power of artificial intelligence is such that it can also inform the sales teams about the customers who can add value to the company and increase revenue prospects.

The knowledge that a firm acquires via robotics can help the sales team focus their time and energy on areas that require more work.

2. Analyzing and Improving Customer Service

According to Hani Zeini, businesses that utilize technological support are now incorporating artificial intelligence in their operations. Voice recorded messages answer simple inquiries from clients. Automation is an age-old technique many businesses now use daily.

Some companies have accelerated this service, insofar as they can automatically scrutinize customer service calls. Some companies also assess the quality of service provided and detect glitches that occur during service offerings.

Voice recognition is incorporated to find out inappropriate and problematic customer service offered by staff members.

3. Better Quality and Advanced Meetings

With the use of artificial intelligence, many companies have eliminated in-person meetings. The novel coronavirus has provided many lessons in the power of remote technology.

Artificial Intelligence can minimize the task of getting people together and administering physical meetings, says Hani Zeini. Artificial intelligence has increased the use of voice assistance services that can schedule appointments for clients.

Other voice assistance programs can capture key points from a meeting and summarize those points into smaller notes that the client can refer to later. Calls can also be recorded, and technology can highlight key issues covered in the conversation.

4. Improving Manufacturing Processes

With the advent of new technology, the use of new computer systems has become a necessity in production. However, the new generation is using robotics in a similar manner to human labor.

The human workforce is freely interacting with these robots to make work easier. This practice is referred to as collaborative robots (cobot).

Various industries are using artificial intelligence technology through cobot systems. The use of a robot/human co-workforce enables businesses to produce the best quality products in record times.

5. Modifying Recruitment 

Artificial intelligence and robotics have many uses in human resource departments. Big companies employ thousands of people every year and scrutinize millions of applications for very few jobs.

Thus, according to Hani Zeini, artificial intelligence is refining the recruitment process. The technological screening of candidates has made the task of recruitment easier through automatic screening processes.

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