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The Instagram Story feature is a great marketing tool for companies, brands, and businesses to use if they want to give audiences a sneak peek of their new products. Popular brands understand the benefits of using Instagram Stories for the build-up of customer loyalty and the engagement of potential customers. In fact, users spend an average of 28 minutes using Instagram Stories, giving businesses many opportunities to promote themselves.

Many app companies use this IG feature to support and boost their app installs. Even the popular Indonesian Online Travel Company made use of the feature and by so doing, the company was able to boost app installs by 10%. They enjoyed 239,000 app installs and a boosted reach of over 26 million.

In addition, many business leaders have been known to be on the lookout for certain days of the week when there’s a higher chance of their content reaching a wider audience. According to studies, user engagement levels are highest on Mondays and Thursdays at 7—9 pm.

For many business owners, reaching an optimum level of customer and user engagement is considered a top priority. Using Instagram Stories can help brands achieve this. As a matter of fact, many businesses around the world have boosted user engagement by over 20% when hosting an employee or influencer of their Instagram Stories for a few days.

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Additionally, businesses find it very easy to use Instagram Stories for the promotion of their websites. Many companies, brands, as well as organizations,  are very much aware of the fact that about 15%—25% Instagram Story viewers swipe up and follow a link to engage directly with a brand’s website.

For more details regarding how businesses use Instagram Stories, check out this infographic. It comes as a reliable source to obtain concise and accurate information on Instagram Stories and businesses.

30 Case studies on How Businesses use Instagram Stories


How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies (Infographic)

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