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How Contact Center Integrates Unified Communication As A Service?

Contact Center Integrates Unified Communication

Customer experience enhancing with different strategies. The important thing about CX is significant for 85% of the company or business. There is always a reason it should be.

Organizations are also delivering the best customer experience with unified communication improve profit and above market range. With all these, they provide less than some of the ideal experience loss of call center industry.

The study also alarms which they start on the next trends. Usually, customer experience will overtake, and prices are of products as an essential brand in service differentiator.

It also refers to the successful convergence of all interactions of media and techniques. Besides, the devices are only one interconnected entity. It also has a strong power to break all walls of communication with the company.

It also utilized in the call center, UC leads to faster and enhanced customer services. Inclusively, a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Single Network For Voice Info Data

Else, the unified communication having single VoIP that help in both voice data and over the single interface as well. The all aspect of fancy or functionality as such different devices’ categories with each other.

Such as voice-to-text conversion, directories etc. the best practices with most industries using to save telecommunication charges by calls. This is for free over the data and their network.

Remotely Reps

Companies are providing their team options to work remotely. It also generates some unique challenge for the contact center. It takes some time to produce an environment of trust and teamwork among the worker remotely.

Those who are working remotely or call center premises. Include the unified communication in the scenario, and things change for best. UC usually uses for presence and information to tell the team each and all caller.

According to Diale360  “Almost using unified communication (Ucaas) the 85 to 90% of agents are being monitored and trained remotely without any hassle”

In this way, a rep works remotely and see his fellow in the contact center, on call. It brings trust and makes sense of collaboration among them.

Throughout, the uses of UC also allow a leader to lead remote employees. It measures their performance as well.

Thus, it enables to supervisors with simple extensive reporting trends. This is for the purpose to measure performance and analyze data.

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Skill-Based Presence, Improved Fcr Rate

The first call resolution with unified communication is also growing. The technology rep may find the right person to solve the issues – irrespective as are positioned.

It is also allowing them to neglect call transferring or putting to the customer on hold. Else, a rep may easily interact the customer with their fellow to right skill set and fix the issue for all.

Real-Time Training/Coaching On The Call

Unified interaction also benefits in reps coaching. Such as allows more than one person to be on call at the same time. If an expert deal with issues of the customer, so relatively it reduces the skill of rep. It may listen to the call and receive real-time coaching.

The quality of coaching, training may become more essential in the current time or cloud call centers. If a rep is doing from a remote place and listen to an outbound call.

So, they may receive coaching without having come down. Else, the office areas to receive the same. With using the skills-based presence of experts into the call.

However, the contact center maintains and control the procedure from the answer to its solution. It is providing call centers with a clear snap of the first call resolution with success charges.

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Improved Audio Value

Unified communication is also offering best quality traditional telephonic system. It gives to the customer an impression which rep is speaking to them personally.

As per research conducted by experts, customer appreciates the feeling of having a person with a customer service rep.

Traditionally, both reps and customer demand the other party to repeat some information. These may delay the report between of customer and rep cause lost company or business.

Meanwhile, enhance sounds quality of unified communication which has a significant impact on the satisfied customer. As well as improve the chance of sales of your product.

Multichannel Communication

The service of unified communication allows business to deal with contact. The channel in the same way and applying the same company with logic to treat each channel in the same way.

It relates to the business and the philosophy of procedure to deliver a dependable service of the customer in the call center.

Usually, the customer selects their preferred section of communication. It knows that no matter with the channel which they use.

Their calls and requests would be processed so quickly and efficiently. Besides, the unified communication permits to integrate the several channels to manage customer service best.

Reductions, Upkeep Costs

When a company adapts to the idea of unified communication. It can cut all over maintenance that may charge 30% without the efficiency of the contact center. It matters of fact, and most things are in place and improve the effectiveness of the contact center.

By combining the customer call and their channel. A company may deliver a more consistent customer experience with saving significantly.

As well as system consolidation. This will allow industry as leverage from existing technology. There is no quick need to change the technology in use.


Teamwork also sounds very fancy in essence. Typically, it allows users to communicate with each other electronically. For instance, using immediate messaging sharing desktop or company websites.

Usually, collaboration taking this one method more. One of the massive difficulties for a caller is having their passed call to someone else.

It means to start with an advance person, and that doesn’t get a context of call as often don’t have permission. Whereas, the information of previous reps shared with callers.

Most of the teamwork ideas allow the three parties to share the call. The rep may have a new person and context of a call to tell them as they shared until the exact point.

The integrating of communication channel – company allow its employees to work in the same way. It would be from home or any workstation in the office. It makes unified communication with integral to business continuity.

If the weather is spartan so transport strike may be a massive event in the vicinity. An organization may count on their employees working from home.

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Abdul has spent his career developing high-performance organizations. He is working as a chief marketing officer for a leading call center software company Dialer360. As both a marketing executive, Abdul has created and executed numerous programs that build market awareness, drive lead generation and increase revenue.


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