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How Much Should You Spend On Web Hosting

Spend On Web Hosting

Before bringing your business online, you need to choose a web host. A web host stores your website’s data and presents it when a visitor arrives at your domain. 

However, because of the amount of web hosting options available, it can be challenging to choose a web hosting service. Additionally, web hosting takes different forms, with various features and hosting plans.  

With all these options, it can be hard to know how much to spend on web hosting. The short answer is that it generally depends on the functionality and size of the website you want to build.

How Much Should You Spend on Web Hosting If You Have a New or Small Website?

If you have a blog website or just starting out, you likely won’t have a lot of traffic. For this reason, you won’t need an optimum server. You should be able to get by with a shared hosting service. Shared hosting involves sharing a single physical server and its resources with other sites.

It’s kind of like having a house with roommates. Since multiple sites share the same server and the same server resources, it is the least expensive hosting option, and plans generally start at $2.

What is the Cost of Hosting a Rapidly Growing Website?

If you started with shared hosting, but now your website’s traffic is increasing, you’ll need to start spending a little more money. This is because you need a server that can keep up with your growing site, and shared hosting just won’t cut it.

Therefore for a steadily growing website, you need to invest in VPS hosting services. This hosting is similar to shared hosting in that multiple sites share one server. However, with VPS, the sites are segregated by a virtual partition.

So every site has its own resources. It’s also easy to scale with VPS hosting, so you can increase your bandwidth as your site grows. It also protects your site from being disrupted by the traffic or actions of other sites. Most VPS hosting plans begin at $30 per month.

You Want to Run a Secure Site, With Lots of Traffic, How Much Will Web Hosting Cost?

If you require a website that offers the highest security and can handle the most traffic, you need dedicated web hosting. Dedicated hosting requires that you buy or lease an entire server.

As a result, your site will be the only one using the server and its resources, and you have complete control over the backend. This means you can control the level of security, select the operating system, and scale resources quickly as your web traffic grows. Dedicated hosting is pretty costly, with most plans starting at $80.

Is it Cheaper to Use WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is web hosting that’s specially designed for WordPress websites. In most cases, WordPress hosting uses shared hosting. Shared WordPress hosting services are the least expensive. Like regular shared hosting, your site shares a server with other WordPress sites.

The difference is that this shared hosting type is optimized for the needs of a WordPress site. You also have the option to use managed WordPress hosting. This type of WordPress hosting gives you a high-performing server environment and provides you with a dedicated team of WordPress experts to help you manage and optimize your site and server. 

Shared WordPress hosting usually starts around $4.99 per month, and managed WordPress hosting costs typically begin around $11.95 per month.


Every website has different needs, and every website needs web hosting that caters to those needs. Therefore, the more you require from a server, the more you can expect to spend. In other words, you should purchase as much hosting as you need, no more, no less.

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