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How To Perform Well While Working Remotely During The Pandemic

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In a never-before-seen situation, millions are working from home to comply with the government’s stay-at-home orders. For many businesses, this meant sudden changes as they may have never thought of providing flexibility to work remotely to their employees. For others, it meant shutting shop as there was no way for them to operate remotely.

But for most employees, this was a welcome change as working from home helps build a better work-life balance. They loved that they didn’t have to spend time traveling and could dedicate that time to their family and loved ones.

But along with it came an increased level of work responsibility. And eventually, there is a dramatic decline in employee productivity and performance.

If you too have been feeling the same, you have landed at the right place. Here are some proven ways to consistently keep performing well despite the challenges of the current crisis:

1. Know Your Limitations:

Good performance is inevitable when you feel great mentally and physically and are motivated to give your best. However, with so much happening around you, you first need to understand your limitations to prevent yourself from feeling burnout, as it can lower your capacity to perform.

It’s easy to fall prey to the idea that you need to multitask to get things done. In reality, multitasking can reduce your productivity and deteriorate the quality of work being generated.

Instead of pushing yourself to do everything, understand your limitations and say NO when things go beyond the limits to prevent your efficiency from declining.

2. Use This Time To Grow:

One of the best things you can do in this phase to consistently keep performing well is invest time in learning new skills. Request your manager to provide you learning opportunities so you can make the best of this time. This will not only help you learn better ways to fulfill your duties but also reduce errors.

If you feel training consumes too much time and can make it difficult for you to balance work and learning, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today, with modern training tools like Litmos LMS, you can learn in almost half the time. Moreover, since Litmos LMS provides mobile learning support, you can learn from anywhere at any time at your own pace.

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3. Set Boundaries:

A great way to improve work efficiency is by defining boundaries with your family and your work colleagues. For example, when you create a designated workspace and set boundaries with your family that you would not want to be disturbed during work hours, it decreases distractions and helps you concentrate better.

Similarly, when you define boundaries with your colleagues and manager about not wanting to be disturbed about work issues after a certain time in the day, it helps you disconnect from work and destress. This helps your mind and body to rejuvenate. This is very powerful in making you feel rested and ready to take on work the next day.

4. Reward Yourself:

We often tend to forget how to appreciate ourselves for our achievements. Even after working hard and getting something done the right way, we do not pause to acknowledge our good performance.

It is essential to reward yourself even when you achieve something small. If you set a target and managed to do it as expected, reward yourself. This reward could be indulging in your favorite food, buying something for yourself that you have been eyeing, or even something as small as just taking a break from work for an hour.


Consistent performance is possible if you set realistic goals for yourself and keep trying to achieve them. Use the above ideas to keep performing consistently well during the pandemic.

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