Top Instagram Trends in 2018

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Instagram revealed the most popular within its platform for this year in a list of trends, fueled by the interactions of its user community during 2018.

The second most popular social network in the world reached one billion users in June and unlike from its owner, Facebook, is a platform that continues to report broad growth among the younger generations.

Instagram Trends in 2018

  • The eyes of heart’ was the most used filter
  • Heart Love Sticker by Arata is the most used Giphy in stories
  • The heart emoji was commented 14 billion times
  • Disneyland Tokyo was the geographical location of greatest use in the network
  • ASMR is the community with the highest tendency among users
  • #Fortnite was the fastest growing label in the world
  • The dominance of K-pop in social networks is evidenced by the virtual BTS community and the #btsarmy tag
  • #inmyfeelingschallenge, the dance challenge, was the most popular challenge of the year
  • The main hashtags to defend social initiatives on Instagram were #metoo with 1.5 million labels, followed #timesup with 597K and #marchforourlives with 562K.

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