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Know about the Top 10 DevOps Training Courses

Being an engineer if you are tensed about the job market for engineers nowadays, which is really in an unstable position, do not worry, you can opt for DevOps training courses anytime! DevOps is now really hot at this time and there are several opportunities for the engineers and the DevOps professionals in the following years.

DevOps is the combined word for ‘development and operations.’ It is a culture which promotes the collaboration between both the Development and Operations team to deploy to the production making it faster in a repeatable and automated manner. It is simply an alignment of development and IT operations with a better communication and collaboration. 

The career path of DevOps is not only one of the most profitable. But it is also one of the most self-satisfying among many other branches of IT. According to many surveys the salaries of the jobs in this field has six-digit pays. Even most of the DevOps professionals, when asked, recommended that their organizations are a great place to work

This article is written to help you to know the top 10 DevOps training courses for you. The following are the top 10 DevOps training courses:

1) Project of DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins Ansible Docker Kubernetes 

The most important tool for the DevOps engineers is probably Jenkins, as it provides continuous integration.

A better knowledge of continuous inspection, continuous integration, and continuous deployment is required, even the difference between them, it is mandatory for a DevOps professional.

In this course all the fundamentals of Jenkins are covered and every detail of how to set up a Jenkins build pipeline is also provided, starting with continuous inspection going all the way to continuous deployment. 

2) Learn DevOps: The Complete Course of Kubernetes

Kubernetes was released by Google as a free and open-source project, after it itself started running containers a decade ago.

To gain the efficiency and velocity of Google, small companies and big enterprises use Kubernetes. By this course, you will know how you can run, deploy, manage and maintain containerized Kubernetes Docker applications.

3) Learn DevOps: Deliver Better Software Continuously

The most complete course of DevOps on Udemy, teaching most of the essential technologies and tools used by the DevOps engineer. This course will help the software engineer to deliver better software continuously using Vagrant, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes etc.

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4) Learning path: Modernised DevOps

This course will teach you all about the modern DevOps tools like Git, Dicker and Puppet, which creates software in a whole new way.

It is a great introductory course for anyone who is new field like System administrators, Developers and IT professionals in DevOps.

5) For DevOps and Developers, the Docker Technologies

This course will cover all the fundamentals of Docker containers, one of the most important technology for DevOps. Everything that you need to know of the Docker software like about developing and deploying modern applications with it.

6) DevOps course of The Docker: From Development to the production

This course will teach you the Docker basics and also what you can build and how to build with Docker. Everything about Docker is provided.

7) Learn DevOps: Using Terraform in Infrastructure Automation.

Ansible, Chef, Puppet all help in infrastructure automation, which is a big part of DevOps, but Terraform has gain a lot of popularity lately. This course will teach you how to use Terraform to automate the infrastructure, along with AWS, Packer, Docker Jenkins, ECR, ECS.

8) DevOps with Jenkins, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodePipeline

This course will teach you essential DevOps skills, about continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) and how to do DevOps with Amazon Web Service like AWS and Jenkins.

9) DevOps: CI/CD with Maven, Gradle, Jenkins pipelines

In this course you will learn how to build continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps pipelines with Java, Gradle, Maven, Artifactory and Sqitch.

10) The Complete DevOps with Jenkins, GIT, Maven, Docker, Vagrant and Maven

This course provides a complete tutorial of all the essential DevOps technology, like Docker, Jenkins, GIT, Maven, Vagrant and Maven. 

So, these are all the top 10 DevOps training courses. By this you will be able to become a DevOps professional successfully. Enjoy your life with all the higher pay and the personal satisfaction. 

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