Latest SEO trends for E-commerce to follow

SEO trends for E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the leading platforms that people choose to purchase products and services in the modern marketplace.

Through its convenience and ease of use, it is tailored towards both new and old generations, as most of us prefer having the privacy to look over and analyze products, as well as its price so that we can tailor our shopping towards our budget and expectations.

However, managing an e-commerce website can prove quite challenging. As we strive for success, we want to always be on the cutting-edge of technology and trends to remain competitive despite our competition.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes a long way towards helping your e-commerce business grow and evolve into something spectacular. Through the help of careful planning and analysis, you can follow the latest SEO trends to ensure that your website stands a chance.

Staying up to date can ensure that your website maintains a healthy audience and continues to grow throughout the years, in some cases, even helping you go beyond the competition. Here are the latest SEO trends you should follow for E-commerce.

1) Implement and optimize Voice Search

Voice search has come a long way throughout the past few years. Every single android and iOS device offer a voice assistant of some kind, for Google, it’s Google Assistant, and for Apple its Siri.

While not many people utilized these technologies during their beginnings, over the years people have found them to be much more convenient, why bother writing something when you can talk to your phone.

This comes in extremely handy when you need to order something in a pinch, you activate the voice assistant and order something, and because of this ease of use, over 40% of all millennials are using voice assistants to order things online. 

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2) Improve the speed of the website 

For many years, Google has been very strict about the speed at which websites loads. On the desktop, pages that load quicker have usually gone up in the ranking results, and recently, that has adapted towards mobile pages as well.

In short, the quicker your website loads for the end-user, the faster they can get to shopping, and as such, Google pushes the results further up the ladder, ensuring growth and profits for both you and the company.

3) Optimize the website for mobile devices

Ever since the big reveal of the first iPhone, mobile devices have seen a massive boom in sales. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone of some kind, either it being an android phone or an iPhone, or any other mobile device available. 

Most people certainly shop on the go, and they achieve this by using these devices. Through Google’s Mobile-first indexing, Google switched up its basis for ranking. Google has made mobile optimization a priority, giving mobile-friendly websites a competitive edge over ones that focus on the desktop.

It means that, even if a user searches for your e-commerce website on a desktop computer or any other non-mobile device, the basis for the ranking remains for mobile.

In short, you need to have a mobile version of your website, and you need to make sure that it loads quickly and is responsive. A responsive website is a website that can adapt to any device, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.

4) Optimize the security of your website

Information is becoming regularly available to everyone, and knowledge is being taught to people quickly and efficiently. As a result of this, most people are aware of website security prompts and can, at a glance, see if a website is secure to shop on or not.

Having a secure website can help people make an educated decision if they want to shop on your e-commerce website or not, as they might be entering sensitive and private data, such as credit card information or user id to purchase on the site.

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So how do you increase the security of your E-commerce website?

The ideal answer is an EV SSL Certificate. An Extended Validation (EV) Certificate is a certificate used on websites to increase the level of security by adapting to strictly defined certificate issuance processes; it requires a strict business validation process including domain ownership.

EV SSL is the highest form of SSL on the market that provides your website with encryption and data integrity. Through this method, you can quickly and efficiently tell the search engines and browser that your website is secure, and in turn, rank up higher on search results, as well as increase the trust of the visitors on the site by showing them that it is secure. 

5) Provide quality content 

Follow the latest trends and stay up to date. Write unique descriptions about everything that is going on your website. If you are selling services or products on your e-commerce website, make sure that everything is explained in-depth, and implement solid keywords.

Consider implementing video content, as the video is one of the best and most successful ways to gain traffic, as statistics have shown that people prefer information to be fed to them through voice and video than through text.

In conclusion, for your website to be competitive and remain at the top-ranking results, it is essential to adapt to changes and to implement SEO optimization. 

To do this effectively, you need to follow the latest trends and implement the latest methods. Optimizing your website for mobile to provide substantial mobile experience, implementing voice search, and providing high-quality content can give you an edge over your competition. 

While the fundamentals of SEO will always remain to be keywords and back-links, it is essential also to take the new methods and trends into consideration when developing a growth plan for your website.

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