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How To Make Amazing Job Posting Ads? | iSmartRecruit

The job posting is the door for candidates to enter in the process of recruiting. If you want to become a more successful recruiter, you need to make your candidates apply to your job first. Now the question is, how to tell them to submit their application for your job?

Here we have explained all the things in details how you can make an amazing job posting ads that attract so many candidates to apply for your position.

  • Social Media Post

Social Media Marketing is the best way to grab the passive and massive candidates in just a short period of time. Social Media is playing a huge role in reaching your candidates the easiest way.

You can integrate your social media profiles with a social media campaign manager. This can allow you to post your jobs automatically on your social media walls. You can also mention your short job description in your post, so the candidates can understand your requirements.

The best thing of promoting your jobs on social media is, you can also put some catchy images about your job post. Candidates can easily get attracted by catchy images like We Are Hiring!!!, Come Join Our Team, You’re Welcome To Our Team… etc.

  • Clear Cut Description

You have to make your job description very clear. The candidates should understand each and every requirement very clearly.

To be transparent about the roles and responsibility and other necessary things is quite difficult sometimes. But it is not impossible at all. You have to play dynamic over here, you can make an effective JD that can reflect the flexibilities your candidates should have in order to work with your organization.

  • Put Your Journey

If you want to make the best job ad, you can put your own story into it. Explain to them why they need to have a job in your company, what are the benefits you are giving you to your current employees, and why they can’t miss the chance to apply?

You can put the history of where you started, and where you are standing right now. You can also set some future goals also so they understand the value of this position and if they get selected, what is going to be his/her responsibility as a member.

This shows your company culture and brand of your company. This can be the point of attraction for your candidates.

  • Put Relevant Images

Normal Text Job Posting is no more effective. If you want to make more candidates attract to your job post and apply for that too, you have to put eye-catching images with relevant content. This will make candidates stop scrolling the feeds and read your job post. If you catch them by images, your half of the work is done there!!!

According to new trends, you can also put some short videos or GIFs too. If you wish, you can put the video of your company journey and culture too. This will bring some interest in candidates’ mind for sure.

  • Title Matters

If you are making a job ad, you have to think creatively about the title you are going to put in your ad. A creative title can make your candidates at least see the job post. This also helps to engage more people with your posting.

You can increase the ratio of retention of candidates through your job title. Try to add keywords also into the title. So while searching with the keywords, candidates can find your jobs easily.

  • Promote More

This is the ultimate way to make your job posting stand out from all. You have to sell your job. You have to promote your openings, you need to make people aware of the vacancies you have.

These were some of the simplest ways to make your job posting ads amazing. You can utilize your current employees for this too. You can build an effective referral program and make people engage with that. You can also make your employees your brand ambassador, they can tell the world, why anyone should work with your company.

If you find it interesting, you can implement it in your daily recruiting. You can manage all the above things by some technology options too. To know more about this, you can ask for a Free Demo of iSmartRecruit from our sales expert team.

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