Netflix asks people to stop Bird Box Challenge

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Netflix warned people about the Bird Box Challenge, which started after the horror film Bird Box. The unclear challenge was more intimidating than the film itself.

Netflix tied people up and warned their users about the horror movie Bird Box.

Netflix asks people to stop Bird Box Challenge

“I can’t believe I have to say this, but PLEASE DO NOT DEFEND YOURSELF WITH BOX CHALLANGE. We don’t know how it started, and we appreciate your love, but Boy and Girl wishes a single wish for 2019 and you don’t have to be hospitalized.


Bird Box follows the story of a woman and her children who are blindfolded to get rid of what’s going on. Everything starts exactly five years ago. For Malorie and her two children, who have survived to this time, life is not easy at all. Remaining in an abandoned house by the river, the family comes by planning every step. For Malorie and her children, who dreamed of taking her family to a place where they could be safe, it was now going. However, this journey is quite dangerous. A single error will cause death.

The film broke many records, but it also helped many people shoot viral videos with their eyes closed. Videos are shared by #BirdBoxChallenge hashtag on social media.


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