Parcel2Go Claim Going Digital is Essential for SME’s Adapting to COVID-19

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for businesses in all industries due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and abrupt halt to the economy.

It has been a difficult period, but it is the businesses that are able to adapt that has managed to continue to succeed and will be in a good position once things to return to normal.

Going Digital

Delivery courier comparison site, Parcel2Go is certainly one company that has adapted to the challenges that COVID-19 has brought and believe that going digital is critical to success in all industries.

Radical changes have made due to the fact that people are now spending much more time at home and significantly alter how they interact with other people.

Read on to discover a few of the key ways in which businesses in various industries are implementing a new digital strategy.

Shopkeepers & Payments

Cash has been in decline for a long time, but currently, it is not allowed to be used due to the fact that it involves handling and passing over. This means that shoppers are having to rely on contactless payments (with an increased limit) if they are able to be open or even online payments that can be made.

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Mechanics Going Mobile

Of course, the service industry is one which requires a radical transformation in light of the pandemic and businesses are finding creative ways to continue to provide a service.

Mechanics are a good example of this, with many now moving online and instead of providing a mobile service where they can come to you. There are still precautions that must be taken, but this is a much safer option right now and allows mechanics to continue to work.

Food Manufacturers

With restaurants, pubs, cafes and similar establishments closed at the time of writing, it has created a knock-on effect to the food suppliers that usually sold food to these establishments.

Many are now using social media to find new customers and to provide food to anyone, which is particularly helpful in a time where the supermarkets have been incredibly busy and there are often stock issues.

Growing Businesses with Ecommerce Platforms

Businesses in various industries are also growing and expanding with eCommerce platforms like Shopify. This allows all kinds of shops to move their trading online and even expand their product range to meet new demand, such as the rise in the demand for gardening products and art and craft supplies since lockdown started.

These are just a few innovative ways that businesses in the UK and going digital and adapting to the situation. Being flexible and able to adapt is a great attribute in business and will put those that are able to in a good position to thrive when things start to return to normal.

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