The Perks of Working as a Delivery Driver

Whether you’re a young person thinking about what to choose for a career or a more mature individual who wants to make a career change, there are plenty of things you can choose from.

Some people are happy to study at college to get the relevant qualifications of their dream job; others aren’t interested in pursuing academics and want a career that allows them to thrive without going through this process.

Both options are equally great and can lead to happy and fulfilling careers. However, working as a delivery driver is one job opportunity that might not get as much credit as it deserves.

You just need a driving license and a special license for driving HGVs and 18 wheelers, but you won’t need any formal education, and offer a lot of perks, some of which are listed below.

1. Freelance Work or Steady Employment

One of the main things anybody looks for in a career is stability, which is why many people might be put off becoming self-employed. For example, you can work for a courier service with set shifts, or perhaps a supermarket brand delivering groceries, or a supplier that needs you to drive their goods to various clients.

This is nice, steady employment that can give you peace of mind. However, there is also the option to be self-employed as a delivery driver, which can offer a steady income.

Delivery drivers are always in demand, so if you want to freelance and take charge of your workload, you can use dedicated websites to find delivery driver jobs and new clients.

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2. Flexibility

Whether you work as self-employed or for a company, dropping off deliveries tends to be a fairly flexible kind of job. If you work for yourself, you can choose the time to make those deliveries and the days of the week that you work. This doesn’t mean that working for a business as their delivery driver can’t offer the same, however, as they tend to have their drivers working in shift patterns.

Therefore, you might work the early morning or late-night shifts or rotate depending on how that company organizes things. You could even request to swap these hours if your lifestyle changes and you need to work at different hours or are unable to work at weekends, for example.

3. You Don’t Have to Deal with Customers

OK, as a delivery driver, there will be some contact with customers and clients, of course, but generally, your time spent dealing with them will be minimal. You will be on the road for most of your day as you go from place to place to make your deliveries.

If the customer does have a complaint about their package, they will have to take that up with the company’s customer service department they ordered from. However, it would be best if you still were polite as you don’t want people to complain about your attitude. 

It might not sound like the most exciting job globally, but working as a delivery driver does have a few good perks that should be considered when choosing a career path.

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