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How to publish and schedule photo and video content on Instagram using 3rd party apps

Instagram 3rd party apps

Do you want to become more effective and productive at Instagram marketing? Instagram has always been a bit slower than many of its social networking competitors when it comes to accepting marketing tools and 3rd party apps and the features they bring to the table – especially when it comes to scheduling.

And that is definitely a big challenge for marketers and businesses who use Instagram marketing, especially since creating Instagram content can be quite time consuming. It used to be just photos – now, you need to publish numerous images every day, as well as Stories, live streaming videos and regular videos to keep your audiences engaged.

So how do you keep up with all that work? How do you save time managing your Instagram account so that you can focus on creating new and exciting content?

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to publish and schedule photo and video content on Instagram using 3rd party apps, now that Instagram’s API is allowing scheduling for videos and Stories.


Agorapulse is a social media management tool that works with all major social networks, including of course Instagram, along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It’s one of the tools that were in the first round of Instagram direct publishing; and now, not only can you use it to publish and schedule images for Instagram, but you can also publish and schedule videos and Stories.

What’s more, you can queue up your Instagram posts in several queues (as many as you want or need), each with their own time slots. This will mean that you don’t have to schedule each post by hand, but rather add them all to their respective queues, set the desired time slots for any day of the week and let Agorapulse do the rest.

You also have access to a social media calendar where you can plan your Instagram updates and visualize your past and upcoming posts:

Other features focus on the management side, including comment management, hashtag listening, team management features, as well as Instagram analytics.


SkedSocial – formerly Schedugram – is an Instagram tool built for teams (it also works with Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook); one of the best things about it is that not only can you use it to publish and schedule your Instagram updates (images, videos and Instagram Stories), but it also has a built-in photo editor that you can use to create and polish your Instagram content.

You can upload all of your media to SkedSocial for easy handling; then, plan and schedule your social media calendar by adding drafts and updates, as well as setting up a queue for automatic posting.

Like the other tools in this list, you can not only publish and schedule photos, but also videos and Instagram Stories; another really cool feature is that you can even plan what your shared updates will look like in the grid:

You just need to drag and drop the posts you’ve scheduled and rearrange them in the grid so that your feed looks amazing – the tool will automatically reschedule them to make sure your feed will look exactly like you wanted.


Later is a marketing tool built specifically for Instagram and with planning and scheduling in mind.

It’s ideal for very active Instagrammers who post a lot of content on the platform; to start with you can upload all of your media assets (images, videos, Stories) to your Later account so that you can easily access them when planning your social media calendar. You can also name them and organise them with labels so you can find them more easily.

Then, simply use the calendar to drag and drop the updates where and when you want them:

This will allow you to publish and/or schedule your video content (including Stories) directly to Instagram; what’s more, you can also use it to find and share user generated content on your own Instagram profile.

Other Instagram features include Instagram analytics (content performance, best times to post) and a integration so that you can link to websites, blog posts, landing pages and product pages (you can even add multiple links to one post by tagging several product pages).


Instagram posting is finally…simply put, easy to do! It took a while for Instagram to allow their partners to offer scheduling features, yet slowly but surely we can not only schedule our image updates, but also videos and even Instagram Stories.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer and post a lot of content – or you’re managing multiple Instagram profiles – any one of these 3 tools can make a huge difference in productivity and even your results. You’ll have more time to plan your content and your strategy and more time to create amazing images, videos, and Stories.

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