4 Reasons to Protect Your Electronics with Parylene

Parylene Coating

Whether you prefer typing on your laptop or tapping at your phone screen, you never want your favorite device to stop working abruptly.

From getting additional keyboards to buying new cases, you do everything you can to ensure long-lasting usage from your electronics.

But even as you pull out all the stops, there’s only so much you can do to shield your electronics from the inside out. If your hardware isn’t built with protection in mind, your additional efforts can only remain limited to the surface.

That’s why many manufacturers now make it a point to use parylene conformal coating in their consumer electronic equipment.

Read now to see what this coating can do and how it protects your devices. Here are a few reasons why parylene is a must-have for your electronics.

Parylene Conformal Coating is Hydrophobic

One of the biggest problems that many consumer electronics face is exposure to moisture. This can often happen from direct splashes of water, but it can also take place with environmental factors such as excessive humidity or rapidly fluctuating temperatures.

With parylene’s hydrophobic properties, you can ensure that your electronics and their inner components remain clear of this threat.

The polymer’s conformal feature also makes sure to dispel external moisture and prevents internal buildup under the coating itself.

It Keeps Contaminants at Bay

Apart from moisture, another major factor behind electronic malfunction is their contact with external contaminants. Pollutants and particles such as dust and grime can often get under printed circuit boards (PCBs), and threaten the performance of these intricate components. 

With parylene conformal coating, you can easily keep these particles away from your precious electronics.

Due to the optimal coverage quality of the polymer, it ensures that it keeps your devices’ components good as new even with constant exposure to these threats.

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It Prevents Chemical Reactions 

It is common for electronics and their sensitive components to suffer from chemical reactions such as oxidation and corrosion. It’s so usual because these reactions can happen with overtime exposure to atmospheric pollutants as well as environmental moisture.

Since you cannot always keep your electronics in a bubble, protecting their components with parylene is a better alternative. With its shielded coating, the polymer can prevent common chemical reactions and extend your electronic devices’ overall usage.

Its Installation Procedure Remains Free of Risks

Some manufacturers often put special glues or silicone coatings on top of critical electronic components. But with overtime use, some of these materials can often lose their efficacy.

Their installation procedure often involves high heat or compression, which could damage the equipment in question.

On the other hand, parylene conformal coating can provide extensive usage under everyday use. Its installation process also remains free of any solvents or high heat, ensuring that it can be put over sensitive equipment without damaging its overall functionality. This is yet another reason why parylene is so sought after in electronic devices.

By finding products that use parylene within them, you can make sure to buy reliable electronics that don’t give out after a few months of use. This helps you make the most out of your investment and lets you steer clear of your devices’ abrupt breakdowns.

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