How does the Redmi Note 7 take pictures with the 48 MP camera?


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How is Redmi taking his first phone with a 48 megapixel built-in camera announced to the world yesterday? Is the image capture successful?

Redmi Note 7 was announced to the world at the event yesterday. The most striking feature of the device was the 48 MP camera on the back. How the Redmi Note 7 looks with such a camera is a matter of curiosity. First of all, the sensor that the device uses is not Sony, but the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor.

With a pixel size of 0.8 microns and a resolution of 48 megapixels, the operation of the pixels in the camera differentiates the quality. The Samsung ISOCELL GM1 achieves 48MP resolution with up to 2MP and up scaling.

Normally, the best quality is achieved with 12MP resolution while the quality is slightly reduced when scaling is performed. In other words, the details you will get with the Sony IMX586 sensor in an 8MP resolution are more than the details you get with the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor.

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