Simple Tips to Make a Smarter Choice When Choosing a Web Host

When shopping around for a web host, you need to be smart. You need to find a hosting service that’s both efficient and affordable. It should incorporate all the features you need.

You really don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on an unreliable web host provider. So, take your time to find the best provider in town.

Here are simple tips to help you make a smarter choice when shopping around for a web hosting company.

The “Free Domain” Trick

Don’t rush into accepting free domains. Take time to find out who owns the domain and why the hosting company is willing to offer it for free. Why are they giving it to you for free? What do they expect in return?

This could only mean that you’re stuck with the firm forever or you’ll need to pay huge amounts of money to buy the domain back.

Of course, the first year is absolutely free, but when it comes to renewing it, you’ll have to pay at least $19.95. That’s like a 200 per cent mark-up over the average cost of a domain name.

So, it’s better to do your research before subscribing to any web hosting service. Find out who’ll own the domain and ensure that the standard renewal fees are acceptable.

Domain Name

You don’t necessarily have to register your domain names with the same company. Instead, consider obtaining it from a dependable and trustworthy registrar. This will ensure that your website always remains safe and secure.

Remember, the domain name is your unique online identity. It’s the most precious and irreplaceable asset you’ve whereas hosting services are only there to accommodate your website.

Of course, most web hosting providers would prefer to have your domain name registered with them for convenience purposes. However, you won’t find it convenient if the company opts to go down with both your domain and hosting services.

Unlimited Storage

Most web hosting providers claim to provide “unlimited storage”. But the truth is that there isn’t such thing as unlimited storage.

If you take the time to carefully study the TOS that comes along with your web hosting service, you’ll realize that there’s a section that talks about CPU/Server Usage.

It basically says that if your site utilizes more than a specified amount of storage, then it violates the TOS terms and is subject to termination. InMotion Hosting offers unlimited storage for all your hosting needs. 

You shouldn’t always rely on your web hosting company to back up your files. While the host has to perform regular backups, it will also be wise if you do your own off-site backups.

Mode of Payment

Be sure to make all your payments through PayPal. It’s safe, secure, and reliable. Asking your bank to conduct the transaction could be slow, costly, and generally impractical.

But if you’ve no other option but to use your Credit Card, ensure that the company is a dependable one. Otherwise, you might end up in an unpleasant ride.


Don’t just settle for any web host provider. Settle for the best. A good web hosting provider is one that offers favourable terms and reliable service.

But how do you find the right company when the market is flooded with countless options from? Well, the above tips will help you identify the best hosting service.

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