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Ways to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity

Sachin ReddyWritten by:

As the companies across the industry spectrum strive to remain competitive while at the same time meet stringent regulatory requirements, the need for a unique technological …

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Whatsapp Tips: These Top Tricks Will Make You Chat Expert

Sachin ReddyWritten by:

Nowadays many people use Whatsapp app. But some people use it better than others. There are many different types of changes that are often made to give users …

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How to create your own ‘stickers’ for WhatsApp

Sachin ReddyWritten by:

First were the audio notes, then, the Gifs and later, the stickers. WhatsApp does not stop to update itself and take out new functions to strengthen its domain in …

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The Rules for forwarding messages on WhatsApp will change

Sachin ReddyWritten by:

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of the main channels for the spreading of these contents, so the authorities have been demanding from this platform the implementation of measures to …