Seven Ways to Take a Tech Break

Let’s be frank about it, many people spend far too much time looking at the screens and using their beloved gadgets. They are created to make our lives more prosperous, more entertaining, and help us in various other ways. The quality of gadgets is improving at tremendous rates, which in turn makes everyone want to use them even more. 

Many jobs shifted to working online, which increased the necessity of using tech gadgets as it would be impossible to do many jobs without them. But even if your job is traditional, and you constantly find yourself checking your smartphone/computer, playing video games, or streaming movies/shows for hours, it’s an undeniable sign that you need to take a tech break. 

The importance of unwinding and taking a tech break is vital, as excessive use of various devices can lead to many health issues, both physical and mental.  That’s why we’re presenting the seven ways to take a tech break, intending to avoid becoming a slave of modern technologies and live life to its fullest. 

1. Start slowly 

Going cold turkey and leaving all the gadgets behind is not a simple thing to do so start your detoxing by decreasing the time spent on your devices, bit by bit until you reach the proper amount of balance between using those devices and doing something else. 

2. Sleep quality 

Once you limit the screen usage and overall time spent using tech devices, you’ll recognize that your sleep quality has improved excessively. Your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle will “reset” and you’ll feel renewed and more energizing than before. 

Unless you are using a white noise machine or a similar tech sleeping aid, you should know that electronic devices will almost always interfere with your sleep. 

Intending to have a good quality sleep, your bedroom conditions (or wherever you might sleep) must be adequate and meet at least basic criteria, like having a fitting temperature & noise level, and a proper selection of mattress. 

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Pro tip: Place your smartphone and other devices away from your bed, to increase your quality of sleep and make your bedroom a no-tech zone. 

3. Go for a walk 

After spending much time working/getting entertained by your devices, make a routine of taking walks around your place, as this can be beneficial in many ways, particularly if you combine it with doing chores. That way, you’ll take a break while completing whatever task you intended to. 

4. Set up a no-tech period 

Every once in a while, and whenever possible, schedule a period in which you won’t be using any sort of gadgets, including your smartphone. This time should be scheduled when you don’t have a job to do or any other reason to use the gadgets. Preferably, use the no-tech period to focus on doing something that will help you relax and unwind. 

5. Sports or exercise 

Whether you prefer group or solo sports, find the one you’re at least decent at, and use that time to take a break from all the tech. It’s good for your health and it will decrease the time spent using the various devices. 

If conventional sport is not your cup of tea, start exercising, and you can do it at home or outside. You don’t need those premium apps to show you what to do, all it takes is a bit of research and willpower. 

6. Improve your living space 

No matter where you live, there is a huge probability that your place needs some cleaning, repairing, or replacing. This is a favorite way to detox from tech for many people because it’s beneficial and makes everyone forget about the tech for a while. 

7. Find a hobby 

It’s a common misconception that hobbies are expensive and time-consuming. 

Whether you decide to start some DIY projects, cook or create art, any hobby that you select will most certainly help you take a break from tech and focus on being productive, creative, and learn some new skills. Aside from that, you’ll be well-pleased and even proud when creating something new, unlike going to extremes with the tech.

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