How to Take Advantage of the Online Services Your Company Needs

Online Services

Every year, you think of ways to expand your company. Sometimes you make drastic changes, such as opening a new branch or offering more products. In other years, you stick to minor improvements, such as upgrading your cash registers or reorganizing your store.

The next time you plan your business’s upcoming expansions, consider taking advantage of these essential online services.

Start Your Blog

Blogs aren’t just for lifestyle gurus or influencers; they’re also a great way for businesses to promote their products and share information related to their services.

Not only does creating a blog increase your company’s online presence, but it also helps move your website up in search engine results pages. Combining a new blog with a professionally-designed search engine optimization strategy helps turn your site visitors into leads.

While you need a blog, you probably don’t have the expertise or time to create high-quality blog posts multiple times a week. Instead, you can buy blog posts from a reputable agency that connects you with freelance writers.

Once you’ve chosen a company, you’re ready to start ordering your content. Provide the agency with the following information to ensure that your blogs help your SEO campaign:

  • Topic 
  • Number and frequency of keywords
  • Placement of hyperlinks
  • Use of bullets and headers
  • Preferred tone

Then, wait for the article to come in, make sure it fits your standards, and post it.

If you’re new to the world of blogging, you’re unsure what topics to cover. Look at your products and customers’ searches and think of ways to combine them into blog posts.

For example, if you run an outdoor goods store, purchase an article about the top ways to have a smooth hiking trip. Provide links to your hiking shoes and backpacks, and ask the writer to use an informal but experienced tone.

Remember, while your blog is part of your marketing strategy, if your posts seem too much like commercials, then customers won’t read them.

Use Social Media

In this digital world, enterprises must have a significant online presence and use Social Media platforms in their business development strategy.

A reliable online source has underlined the popularity status of social media among various age groups.

Almost 78 percent of young adults use the Instagram app while 45 percent of the same age group uses Twitter. 37 percent of American seniors are active social media users.

These online platforms escalate the brand’s popularity, expand the customer base, and help in lead generation thereby making a maximum sale and resultant profits.

According to an industry report, 90 percent of enterprises have acknowledged the advantages of social media in business development.

Update Your Communication Services

Once your blog is operational, consider updating your communication services so that you can better manage your increasing online presence. First, purchase an email plan from a major provider such as Google or ProtonMail.

Customize the address so that it reflects your company name. That way, customers don’t think that you and your employees’ emails are spam. Take advantage of other services that email providers offer:

  • Videoconferencing software
  • Document sharing and storage
  • Contact lists
  • Shared calendars

These services allow you to easily contact your employees and ensure that everyone is working from the same platform.

If you already have company emails, consider another upgrade to unified communications as a service. UCaaS provides similar benefits to a business email plan; all your information is stored in the same platform, and it’s easy to connect with employees and customers. However, UCaaS takes your communications to the next level:

  • Softphone services
  • Texting and group messaging capabilities
  • Access to your company’s portal
  • Ability to add coworkers to existing calls

UCaaS also allows you to access these services from anywhere as long as you’ve downloaded your provider’s app. These plans are ideal for companies that are temporarily or completely remote because you don’t have to be at your desk to answer the phone. 

Deciding how to expand your company is a fun task, but it’s also crucial to sustaining your business’s growth. Consider purchasing blog posts for your new blog or upgrading your communication services to give your company an edge over your competition.

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