Tencent and Evergrande Automobile to jointly develop an in-vehicle intelligent operating system

Car Operating System

Evergrande Automobile recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Beijing Wutong Auto Union Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd., to invest 60% and 40% respectively to establish joint ventures to jointly develop in-vehicle intelligent operating systems with independent intellectual property rights. 

Both parties will leverage their respective advantages in the new energy vehicle R&D and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and travel ecology to jointly develop an in-vehicle intelligent operating system.

Wutong Auto Union was established in July 2018 and it focuses on building an industry-oriented open platform on the Internet of Vehicles, big data, and cloud computing. 

The shareholders behind it are Tencent, Changan Automobile, and Jiaxing Xinlian, and the chairman is Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent Holdings.¬†Tencent holds 51% of the company’s shares, and Changan Automobile holds 37.11%.

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