What Text Message Marketing Can Do for Your Restaurant

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If you’re like most restaurant owners, you’re happy that there’s finally some light at the end of the COVID tunnel and that your establishment is now running at full capacity or will be in the near future.

It’s also likely that you got really good at figuring out customized creative solutions to keep your head above water while the country was partially shut down. Now that you’ve made it through to the other side, though, it’s time to ramp up your marketing strategy to catch the attention of those eager to get back in the habit of enjoying food and beverages in public places.

The digital marketing revolution has made it easier to use text message marketing for restaurants and increase their sales by reaching out to a target market. Here’s in this article we will discuss the what text message marketing can do for your restaurant in a post-covid world.

Text Message Marketing for Your Restaurant

Text marketing has many benefits for restaurants. Following are eight of them:

1. Text marketing offers an instant connection

Text marketing is a great way to make a real-time connection with your target customers. Most people read their text messages within minutes of receiving them, so try to time yours an hour or so before major mealtimes so that your restaurant will be fresh on their minds when it comes time to make a decision about their next visit to a restaurant.

2. Text marketing gets your daily specials out there

Daily specials are an excellent way to tempt customers who might otherwise make another restaurant choice. Consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant when they have a specific meal in mind, so be sure to offer specials designed to strike a chord.

3. Text marketing targets those in your vicinity

It won’t do your restaurant much good to connect with consumers on the other side of the state or the other side of the planet. Text marketing targets those close enough to pay a visit to your restaurant, and good timing increases the chances of those nearby stopping in for a meal.

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4. Text marketing enables consumer spontaneity

One of the things nearly everyone has been missing from their lives for the past year and a half is spontaneity. Text marketing helps enable consumers to make the kind of spur-of-the-moment decisions they were used to making before the pandemic was in full swing.

As an added bonus, text marketing allows restaurants to be spontaneous on their end. For example, you may decide on the spur of the moment to have a particular food or beverage special after discovering that you’ve got a plethora of ingredients that need to be used up quickly.

5. Text marketing targets mobile users

Because most people actively use their mobile devices throughout the day, text marketing reaches your target consumer during the times they’re most likely to be seeking your services.

Text messaging also provides a better way to send coupons and discount codes — market research indicates that consumers are more likely to use these when sent via text rather than the old-school ways of email and hard copy marketing.

6. Text marketing is fluid and versatile

Unlike a traditional ad campaign, text marketing can pivot and adapt at a moment’s notice. For instance, if there’s a weekend festival happening in your community, you can send out texts about food and beverage specials that complement the theme of the event.

If your area gets an unexpected snowfall, you can run a special on hot drinks to draw customers in. You can also offer a special on takeout so that customers can pick up dinner on their way home and be safe in.

7. Text marketing is easy to use

Virtually any member of your staff can send out a quick text message without any special training, and the texts are easy for customers to receive as well. Customized templates and prompts make it even easier for you or your staff to send out a quick text.

8. Text marketing is budget-friendly

Text message marketing is as budget-friendly as it is effective. You’ll typically pay pennies per message, and you’ll make back your ROI much more quickly than you would by sending out traditional mailers or running an email campaign.

No matter what the future holds for your establishment, text message marketing for restaurants can help ensure better and brighter days ahead.

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