The deployment of 5G technology, next battlefield


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The arrival of 5G connectivity is imminent, so all the actors begin to take positions so as not to lose their slice of the pie.

5G technology will soon be a tangible reality in a good part of the planet. And nobody wants to stay behind. Not in vain, the deployment of this network will transport us to a new era of telecommunications where multiple applications will arise .

According to the study ‘5G Market Strategies: Consumer & Enterprise Opportunities & Forecasts 2018-2025’ , prepared by Juniper Research, in 2025 there will be 1.5 billion 5G connections in the world. And the revenues of operators for the provision of 5G services will reach 300,000 million dollars, compared to the 894 million that will be in 2019, its first year of commercial service.

The report highlights that these revenues will offer a respite to operators, who have been experiencing a gradual decline in income and profitability. It predicts that revenue from 5G services will account for 38% of the billing by operators in 2025, even though these connections will only represent 14% of all mobile connections.

Juniper says that operators must optimize their pricing strategies and network configuration to ensure a return on their investment in the deployment of the 5G network. Thus, it specifies that pricing strategies should reflect the use of data, the type of device and the network speeds necessary to guarantee profitability, given the variety of IoT devices that will use the new network.

Juniper expects that the data traffic generated by 5G connections will reach 955 Exabytes per year by 2025. “The average 5G home broadband connection will generate more than 430 GB of data per month,”

In addition, the report estimates that the accumulated 5G research and development spending by operators, hardware suppliers and public agencies will approach 60,000 million dollars at the end of this year. In fact, only in 2018 it is anticipated that network operators will spend close to 30 billion in test networks in preparation for commercial launches in 2019.

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