Technological Progress: 6 Things Cars Will Do In The Future

A car is what allows us to travel comfortably in foreign countries, and this is made possible thanks to the possibility of renting a car. On you can find a huge selection of models from many leading brands, as well as compare offers by various parameters, including suppliers, fuel policy, equipment and much more in just a few seconds. This suggests that car services are developing very rapidly, and is an excellent confirmation of this fact.

But enough about the services! What about automotive technology? They also don’t standstill. Their development makes the car smarter from year to year and soon there will be nothing more to invent.

Let’s look at what the car of the future may be, and what it will be able to do in a few years…

1) Cars will recognize you

Ford and Intel are working on a system that will allow the car to recognize its owner by face. This will be done by infrared cameras mounted in the dashboard. As soon as the owner approaches his car, it will helpfully open the door for him, adjust the seat and controls to his taste, as well as turn on the desired temperature of the air conditioner, and so on. 

Cars will recognize you

Moreover, by using the face recognition function, the vehicle will be able to understand that a stranger is sitting behind the steering wheel and transfer his photo to a mobile phone. 

Also, cameras can display images of the car interior, so that you don’t have to go back for a forgotten briefcase. If there are several drivers, then for each of them it will be possible to apply the parental control function, which will not allow the young driver to exceed a certain speed.

2) Cars will study you

A car with a brain? This is being tested at Jaguar Land Rover and is called the Smart Assistant. The developers want to give British cars the opportunity to become a true friend and assistant for the driver. This system will study your habits, record daily trips, remember the rhythm of life, and then independently offer you options for further actions. 

Car will study you

For example, on Tuesday and Thursday, it will offer to go from the office to the gym, which you usually go to on these days of the week, and after the gym, it will turn on you such a temperature of climate control so that the body feels comfortable. 

All this the car will do with an eye on the time of day, weather conditions, traffic situation and other factors. Smart Assistant will even take into consideration your character and reproduce the driver’s driving style when adaptive cruise control is on.

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3) Cars will calm you down

The Chrysalide Concept is a ready-made interior prototype from PSA Peugeot Citroen. The name of the concept literally means a cocoon, that is, the interior of the car will protect the driver.

Cars will calm you down

With the help of cameras in the dashboard, the system will understand the mood of a person currently driving a car: is he tired, or is he experiences stress and irritation. In accordance with the data obtained, the most suitable backlight from the point of view of the system will turn on in the interior. If the driver is irritated, then the colours will be calm, but in case of fatigue – aggressive. 

The built-in fragrance will spray pleasant smells inside, the seat activates the massage function, and the tips of the navigator will be heard only from the speaker nearest to the driver, so as not to irritate other passengers.

4) Cars will let you see through the metal

Another unusual technology is designed for SUVs: Jaguar Land Rover wants to make off-road driving easier by making the hood transparent! It’s not about heavy-duty glass, but about cameras that are located in a false radiator grille and record the image of the road in front of the car. 

Cars will let you see through the metal

Then the picture is projected onto the windshield, and so the driver can actually look through the hood of his crossover. What’s more, the angle of rotation of the front wheels together with the picture of the road surface will be also visible, thus looking out the window will become absolutely unnecessary.

5) Cars will wash themselves

Nissan has recently demonstrated the world’s first car that can protect itself from dirt. With the unique Ultra-Ever Dry paintwork, dirt can’t linger on the body. The top layer of paint is an air gap that repels water, dust and other dirty substances. The developer UltraTech International Inc has kept this unique technology in the strictest confidence.

Car wash themselves

6) Cars will make you a racer

The sporting ambitions of Jaguar cars will also spread to drivers with the help of a unique virtual windshield that will allow you to ride on the racetrack as if on a game console. The driver will see not only a projection of the most important indicators of the on-board systems ahead but also a three-dimensional graphic trajectory of movement. 

As in Need For Speed, its colour will change from green to red, depending on whether you need to accelerate or brake in this section of the track. The silhouette of the car will show you that at this point the last time you were so many tenths of a second faster, and the rear-view mirrors will cease to be mirrored and turn into cameras.

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