3 Things Casual Games & Casino Pokies Have In Common

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Today’s gamers appreciate a good story for a game. The characters need to be deep, well-thought-out, relatable, and customisable. The game needs an entire universe filled with NPCs, wildlife, and even seasons.

And the story needs to pull you in, keep you glued to the screen, and leave you with a deep dark void in your soul once you finish playing.

Except there’s an entire category of games that don’t need any of the above. On the contrary: these games rely especially on simplicity to make their players happy – and they are more successful than ever. Of course, we’re talking about casual games.

Casual games have been around for ages and never seem to go out of style. These games don’t require a lot of skill and dedication and can be started or stopped anytime. Still, they can be quite addictive, of the kind where players can never say no to “just another round”.

This is one of the things casual games and casino pokies have in common. Let’s look at some of the other common points these two game categories have.

1. Cheerful Design

When speaking of games, the best online casino reviews in Australia will always point out how attractive and cheerful their design can be.

Like casual game developers, the people building online pokies will always go with bright and attractive designs – even when the game has a dark, perhaps even scary topic, the visuals always feature bright colours, flashy features, and perhaps a few flying stars, coins or other similar items.

2. Lovable Characters

The developers always try to build their pokies around characters that the player will instantly like – this is one of the secrets to building a truly successful game.

The same goes for casual games. Just think of the many “protagonists” you’ve encountered over the years, from Om Nom in Cut the Rope to Austin, the main character of the incredibly successful Gardenscapes. With a lovable character in the spotlight, the game is already one step closer to success.

3. Simple Gameplay

Finally, there’s something that all casual games, no matter if they’re pokies or other smartphone games, have in common: simple gameplay. 

Pokies are perhaps the simplest games you can imagine – they almost fit into the “hyper-casual” category with their simple rules and steep learning curve.

Even if you are a complete beginner, you can start playing pokies within seconds – there are no techniques, no skills involved.

Many casual games have similarly simple gameplay. Or, at least, a very simple premise. Casual games do have, in turn, an ever-increasing difficulty to make their players feel like they do progress, and come back for more, something you won’t find at casino pokies at all.

Final thoughts

Simplicity, cheer, and lovable protagonists – these are the things that make casual games (and casino pokies) similar. And these are the features for which we love them both.

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