4 Tips for Keeping Better Control of Your Company’s Inventory

An efficient, well-controlled inventory system is an absolute must for companies that want to get ahead during the age of online ordering and supply chain shortages.

There are many ways to improve your Company’s Inventory so that you can maximize profits and minimize unnecessary costs. Let’s take a look at some of these methods below.

1. Use Quality Inventory Management Software

As your business grows, inventory software will become vital to your operating processes. Whether you offer manufacturing, shipping or more customer-oriented services, accurate inventory counts are critical.

Look for an inventory system with SKU numbers and hand scanners to gather your inventory data and maintain an accurate count as it grows. These systems can update inventory information quickly and easily, increasing your business’ productivity.

Strong inventory software choices include Oracle’s business software suite, Zoho, the Quickbooks inventory software suite and SOS.

2. Use the Supply Chain Method

Before online ordering became popular, it was common for businesses to focus on the sale of a few extremely popular items to maximize their profits. Now, the internet lets anyone find the rare or niche items they need.

To compete in this new environment, businesses should plan their inventories wisely. That way, you won’t end up leaving rarely sold items to expire or collect dust on your company’s shelves, but you’ll have enough to fulfill customer demand.

3. Construct a User-Friendly Website and App

Increasing your business’ exposure to customers can also help you maximize inventory efficiency. Physical and digital ads are helpful, and a solid, user-friendly website is even more effective. You can list your entire inventory in detail, and you can link your products to blog posts about their uses and benefits.

Mention multiple ways customers can contact your business, and list any social media sites where your business posts regularly.

Creating an app to match your website makes it easy for customers to shop and place orders with their smartphones. The more you increase the convenience of the customer experience, the more likely people are to come back to your site.

Apps are saturating the market in almost every area these days, and it’s easier for many people to use a voice function to tell an app what they want than it is to search manually online. Companies that provide these additional services often sell more than those that don’t.

Set up your site and app to automatically interact with your inventory system as sales are made. This lets you increase profits by reducing the hours employees must spend to maintain an accurate inventory count.

4. Purchase Most of Your Inventory in Bulk

Sales and usage patterns fluctuate heavily over time, so it’s wise to keep some extra items on hand in a variety of sizes. Buying items like seals, o-rings and valves in bulk saves automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and other companies massive amounts of money.

They have more than enough replacement parts for their own use, and they usually don’t have any trouble covering increases in demand to keep their supply chain running smoothly.

Bulk purchasing also helps the environment by reducing packaging and lowering shipping costs. It can help your auto shop, medical device warehouse or other business become known as a reliable supplier for your customers.

Through these methods, you can implement an inventory control and customer interaction system that is efficient enough to increase profit over time. You can also maintain an accurate count on all items and make sure you reorder merchandise when needed.

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