How to Tool Up Your Building Firm in 2021

A workman is only as good as his tools. So, say one of the oldest idioms, which is used in all kinds of contexts – but often not the one that it directly refers to. And yet, if you’re running a firm that builds or fixes, tools are absolutely vital for the job at hand – and the better the tool, the better the job.

So, in light of this truism, this article is all about how to best equip your building staff so that your whole firm raises its standards in the final months of this year. 


If you’re a manager of builders rather than a builder yourself, you’re not going to know what it is that they’re missing. You’ll have an idea, of course – you’re not completely oblivious to how they go about their job – but you could use some direction on what you should invest in to make their lives easier.

So go ahead and ask. If you have dozens working under you, send out a questionnaire and make sure it’s filled in honestly so that you’re able to get your workers exactly what they need. 


All this said, you shouldn’t go about buying expensive tools, many of them modern and electric – and therefore expensive – without having a guarantee that your workers will keep them safe. That might mean asking them to work on their security, taking their tools in from their vans or trucks at night to avoid people stealing them.

It should also involve you drawing up contracts with your workers to protect you from steep losses if they do end up breaking or losing the expensive tools that you’re purchasing for them. Finally, make sure you’re not chucking money down the drain be sensible with your tool purchases. 


One of the ways to make your workers more efficient is to give them a tool that completely changes the way they work. One of these comes in the form of plastic welder kits, which uses hot plastic guns to shoot liquid plastic into gaps and joins.

This is obviously incredibly useful because it can be used to fix panels and other plastic surfaces together while also being used as a filler or sealant on smaller jobs. Consider buying these for your workers to help them get jobs done a little faster and more efficiently. 


If the firm you manage is in the building business, it’ll have a reputation that sees your secure trade via word-of-mouth. That’s a brilliant accolade for a business that’s all about delivering value to the customer.

But it’s also something that will be at the forefront of your mind as you develop your firm: reputations can easily be tarnished by lazy and sloppy work.

So, when you’re tooling up your workers, then another motivation is to keep them from making silly mistakes and performing work poorly on the job. It’s an investment to give them new tools, but it’ll keep them from alienating customs. 

Use these four tips to make your building firm operate more effectively and efficiently in the coming months.

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